Young PC guarded London Bridge terror victim armed with just her baton

Young PC guarded London Bridge terror victim armed with just her baton

Pc Mia Kerr guarded London Bridge terror victim armed with just a baton (Picture: Central/PA)A young police officer said she waited for what ‘felt like forever’ armed with only a baton as she guarded the body of one of the London Bridge terror victims.
Pc Mia Kerr arrived on the scene at 10.12pm – just minutes after the attack began – to find Sebastien Belanger collapsed in Green Dragon Court, below the spot where the attackers’ van crashed into railings on London Bridge.
She protected the scene single-handed as two members of the public used first aid to desperately try to save the Frenchman, who had a deep stab wound to the stomach but appeared to have a ‘faint pulse’.
He later became very cold, the officer told the Old Bailey.
Pc Kerr said it ‘felt like forever’ before backup arrived and she was being relied on to keep people safe entirely on her own.
She said: ‘I was very aware that where I was standing, I was trying to cover three potential entrances and exits.’

Pc Mia Kerr single-handedly guarded victim Sebastian Belanger as members of the public performed CPR to try to save him (Picture: Central)

The officer said it ‘felt like forever’ before anyone else arrived at the scene (Picture: Central)The officer was joined by a colleague and a police medic arrived after about half an hour, the court heard.
Mr Belanger, 36, was eventually carried up steps towards waiting ambulances at around 10.45pm.
Gareth Patterson, QC, for the victim’s family, thanked the officer, saying: ‘It sounds as if you were concerned for your safety throughout but nevertheless carried on with your efforts armed only with a baton.’
Pc Kerr replied: ‘Yes. Just batons. I was also concerned I was the only officer down there for a while.
‘It felt like forever. I felt I was the person they were looking to for help by myself.
‘I only had a year’s service in the response team. It felt like a lot of pressure, looking back on it.’
She added: ‘Time just stood still. I just wanted some help.’

Chef Sebastien Belanger, 36, was stabbed to death in Borough Market during the terror attack (Picture: PA)

The inquest heard how some areas were deemed too dangerous for emergency services to enter (Picture: AFP/Getty)Mr Belanger, 36, was one of eight people killed in the attack.
The chef, originally from Angers, western France, had been drinking at the Boro Bistro when he was stabbed repeatedly in the chest.
Pc Kerr repeatedly called the police control room to ask for help from paramedics, but none came, the court heard.
Footage from the officer’s body worn camera recorded her requesting London Ambulance Service be alerted to ‘a man with a stab wound to the abdomen’.
Mr Patterson said it was ‘obvious’ things were going on and asked the Pc: ‘If you had been told there were LAS resources available before then, up on the High Street, presumably you would have discussed getting Sebastien up to those ambulances as quickly as possible?’
Pc Kerr said: ‘We would have discussed it yes.’
Asked why they did not reach her, she said: ‘I can only assume that it was because they may have deemed the area too dangerous.’

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Counter-terrorism special forces at London Bridge on the night of the attack on June 3, 2017 (Picture: Getty)PC Kerr told the inquest how she, her collague and two members of the public – Lisa Deacon and Craig Smith – fought to revive Mr Belanger for more than half an hour using CPR before he was carried to an ambulance.
Mr Patterson said: ‘We have heard from two LAS witnesses saying they were unaware of all this activity going on below in the courtyard.
‘Were you and the others down there speaking quietly?’
Pc Kerr replied: ‘I doubt it.’
She added: ‘Everything was noisy. It was just a lot of noise.’

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All eight victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack (Picture: PA)Ambulance service incident response officer Nicholas Lesslar earlier told the court Mr Belanger’s injuries were ‘incompatible with life’ and another casualty who was breathing and talking needed the ambulance more.
Mr Lesslar told the court he was unaware there were seriously injured casualties in the courtyard.
He said: ‘I did not know that area existed. We were not made aware of casualties in that area.’
Xavier Thomas, 45, Christine Archibald, 30, Alexandre Pigeard, 26, Sara Zelenak, 21, Kirsty Boden, 28, Mr Belanger, James McMullan, 32, and Ignacio Echeverria, 39, all died in the atrocity before their attackers were shot dead by armed police.
The inquest into their deaths continues.


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