You’ll soon be able to play ANY Xbox game directly on your PC

You'll soon be able to play ANY Xbox game directly on your PC

YOU might very soon be able to play ANY game released for Xbox One on your PC.
The latest Windows update promised new technology “tailor-made for gaming to Windows” — and it turns out that this could be the first big step towards being able to play games made for Xbox One on your PC.
EPA The news Xbox games could be coming to PC may foreshadow an announcement at E3
Microsoft-focused tech news site Thurrott reports that the test using zombie game Days Gone involves your PC downloading the game in Xbox One format straight from the Xbox Live servers.
You can now also reportedly install this type of file using standard Windows software.
This fits with plans Microsoft has been talking about for some time about playing Xbox Games on multiple devices.
While we know that some of that will involve streaming using Microsoft’s new xCloud service for devices that aren’t powerful enough to run the games themselves, it makes sense for PCs to just run the games themselves and avoid the technical issues presented by streaming.
Thurrott also reports there is a new back-end gaming app for Windows that specifically adds a couple of Xbox One drivers to Windows.
Combined, this means that a single installer file should, in theory, be able to work for both Xbox One and PC games.
EPA Xbox boss Phil Spencer on stage revealing the Xbox One X at E3 in 2017
That will make it much easier for developers to get their console games on PC — though PC gamers are likely to still demand features that top-end gaming PCs have and consoles lack, such as ultra-wide screens and support for more high-powered hardware.
All in all it looks like you might have THREE different ways to play Xbox Two games if that console does prove to be two related devices as has previously been reported.
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Either way, expect more information this summer when Microsoft reveals more about its future gaming plans at E3 in Los Angeles this June.
Meanwhile, you can read about what to expect from the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox 2 in our latest round-up of all the updates, rumours and news about the two next-generation consoles.

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