You’ll soon be able to fill up your freezer with Ginsters pasties

You'll soon be able to fill up your freezer with Ginsters pasties

CORNISH pasty super fans, your day has come: Ginsters has launched bake-at-home frozen ones so you can fill your freezer in case of emergencies.
Before now, the Cornish pasty makers only made fresh ones for supermarkets but now you can buy them frozen at Tesco from tomorrow.
Ginsters Ginsters has started selling its Cornish pasties from frozen
The frozen pasties will contain the traditional filling of British minced beef with potato, onion and swede inside a puff pastry case.
Pasties are usually munched on the go at the football or on the road but Ginsters is hoping the much-loved pastry treat could become a new dinner-time favourite.
That’s because they take 40-45 minutes to bake from frozen in the oven – so they’re not exactly a quick snack.
But if you have cravings for pasties at home, this could be the solution so you never have to go without your favourite pastry parcels.
Ginsters Ginsters now make frozen pasties that you can keep in the freezer for emergencies
You can only buy the frozen pasties in 720g packs of four, unlike with the chilled ones which you can buy individually or in four-packs.
They cost £3 for a pack of four from Tesco, online and in stores, which works out as 75p per pasty.
Ginsters pasties come in a variety of flavours normally, and from June 28, you can also pick up packs of four bake-from-frozen cheese and onion pasties too.
These will also cost £3 but they will only be on sale at Asda, not Tesco, online and in stores.
Unlike the chilled pasties, you can’t microwave the frozen version.
And if you don’t have a Tesco or Asda nearby, don’t panic.
Ginsters Asda will sell frozen cheese and onion Ginsters pasties later this month too
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Ginsters’ usual range of chilled pasties can be frozen and then reheated straight from the freezer in the oven.
Tesco even has an offer on Ginsters pasties at the moment, with a pack of four steak slices costing £2 instead of £3.
Whack them in the freezer when you get home, and you could save some money and have a freezer full of delicious snacks for whenever you get a craving.
To save even more money, Tesco does own-brand packs of four Cornish pasties for just £1.75 – or 44p per pastry.
They can also be frozen and cooked straight from the freezer – and you’ll save £1.25.
More than 5.8million families in the UK buy savoury pastries, and according to Ginsters, 52 per cent of its products are eaten as a main evening meal.
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