You think our nation is humiliated now? Wait until MPs revoke Article 50

You think our nation is humiliated now? Wait until MPs revoke Article 50

Killing Brexit
THE slow death of Brexit is now following the Remainers’ script exactly.
The plan was always to obstruct it long enough to argue the 2016 referendum “no longer has a mandate”. To say that leaving the EU, which they used to claim had negligible impact on our sovereignty, is in fact too hard. That it’s “undeliverable”.
AFP or licensors Remainers and the EU, with whom some openly colluded, are laughing at the slow death of Brexit
Remainer politicians told 17.4million Leavers a pack of lies about honouring their vote. Now, as they hoped, Brexit is “delayed” again. And the EU, with whom some openly colluded, are gloating about it maybe being reversed.
You think our nation is humiliated now? Wait until MPs revoke Article 50.
The Tories are carrying the can, and fair enough. But at least most have tried to deliver what the majority wanted.
Corbyn’s MPs duped Leavers, then opposed every step towards Brexit, in a disgusting assault on our democracy.
Let’s hope democracy bites them back.
Cocky crew
DO not forget the blinkered delusions of the Tory ERG in this betrayal.
They convinced themselves Brexit was inevitable. The law was on their side. Remainer tricks could not stop them. They fatally rejected the one viable deal, thinking a harder one was days away.
PRU The Tory ERG, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, delude themselves if they think they can vote down Mrs May’s deal AND get Brexit to happen
It was all cobblers. They missed what everyone outside their bubble could see: they were outnumbered by Remainers who will scrap Brexit if they can.
Yet the ERG still won’t back Theresa May’s deal. They are still in denial.
Yes, their Brexit might be possible under a charismatic new Tory leader with a thumping Commons majority.
Anyone see that happening?
The toxic Left
THEY backed the Kremlin over the Salisbury poisonings. Now Labour backs the fantasist, coward and fugitive Julian Assange.
See the pattern? It’s not just that Corbyn’s rabble are reliably on the wrong side of history. It’s that they support any enemy of Britain, America and the West.
Loonie-leftie icon Julian Assange being arrested by British police on April 11 after spending seven years hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy
Assange jumped bail to dodge arrest over a rape case. He is wanted by the US for hacking classified computers.
This wretched egomaniac has cost us all millions. To Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, he is a hero.
If she ever takes office we’ll all need an embassy to hide in.
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Our royal rights
WE of course wish Harry and Meghan well over their baby’s imminent arrival. But we do have one gentle suggestion:
Keeping the nation in the dark over details, even after the birth, is a bad look for a royal couple. The public has a right to know about the lives of those largely funded by their taxes.
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You can accept that, or be private citizens. Not both.
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