You can now rent Chanel’s iconic teeny tiny bikini

You can now rent Chanel's iconic teeny tiny bikini

(Picture: Chanel)If you want to turn some heads at the beach this summer, this is definitely the bikini for you.
Chanel’s iconic vintage two-piece caused a stir when it was first unveiled on the runway debut of the brand’s Spring 1996 collection.
The bikini became an instant classic, with the top made up of barely-there straps and two nipple covers emblazoned with Chanel’s unmistakable logo.
It’s a stretch to call it a top actually. It’s closer to black dental floss. But if you’re after an unforgettable look – it will certainly do the trick.
The micro-bikini is now available to rent from vintage shop El Cycèr. But the details of the cost are rather vague.
First of all, you have to inquire on the website if you would like to rent the piece. And all we know is that rental costs 10% of the bikini’s retail price – but that price is unknown.
Which isn’t exactly encouraging.
If you have your heart set on this racy look then you might have to be willing to pay the big bucks.

Carle Bruni rocked this look in 1995 (Picture: Neville Marriner/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock)But there are some restrictions: El Cycèr will only rent the bikini to people who are in the city of Los Angeles.
You will also only get to keep it for 72 hours. But think of everything you could do in 72 hours. In LA. Wearing that bikini. The possibilities are endless.
All we need now is for the bubblegum pink version to make a comeback – a design which was made famous by model Carla Bruni who teamed the tiny top with matching baby pink shorts and shirt.
We’re almost certain we could pull of a similar look.
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