You can now get treatment for cystitis at Boots- WITHOUT seeing your GP

You can now get treatment for cystitis at Boots- WITHOUT seeing your GP

We’ve all been there.
You’re trying to get through each day; navigating sweaty armpits on the train, battling over the food you should have and what you actually want to eat, as you’re being mercilessly reminded every time you spend money by your banking app.
On top of that, deadlines and meetings are piling up, and then you’ve got to rush for the train, or battle in traffic, meet your friends (who appear to have time to still look glam) as you’re counting how many minutes before you have to try to get home for the bedtime story.
And that’s before you even start to tackle the washing or load the dishwasher. Did we forget to walk the dog?
Then life throws you a curveball; you get that burning sensation, and you are running to pee every five seconds.
Cystitis, a type of urinary tract infection (UTI), hits out of nowhere, what do you do next? Do you have to see a doctor? All you want to know is how to make it better.Well, Boots have come up with a solution to help.
Cystitis is a really common condition that causes discomfort for a lot of women so you’re not alone, even though it feels like it when your pee is burning. Sorry, it turns out downing endless pints of cranberry juice doesn’t help much either. Science, eh? But fear not, it’s usually easy to treat and it just got easier. Which is fine for us to say when we’re not currently sitting crossed-legged in a cold sweat in fear of the next stinging wee. But bear with us.
In selected stores in London and Sheffield, Boots has launched a Cystitis Test & Treat Service, which means if you’re a woman between the ages of 16 to 64, you can get the advice and treatment you need without having to book to see your GP.*

In selected stores in London and Sheffield, Boots have a Cystitis Test & Treat Service for women aged 16-64 to help you in your time of needOften it can be embarrassing to think about dealing with issues ‘down there’, but this is straightforward and discreet. You can pick up a Dip UTI urine test kit (£9.99) after a short conversation with one of our specially trained pharmacy advisors to check suitability. You will need to download the free accompanying app (compatible smart phone required), follow the instructions and use the test when and where it suits you and then bring the results – which will be shown in the app- back to the in-store  Boots pharmacist.
They can then talk you through the next steps and advise on the treatment, which might include prescription medication which the Boots pharmacist can provide you with, if suitable* to help get you back on track. This part of the service costs £14.99 if prescription medicine is supplied**.
If your symptoms are severe or if you have signs of a possible kidney infection e.g. lower back pain, fever, flu-like symptoms, then you will be advised to see your GP.

Signs and symptoms of cystitis

The NHS website includes the following signs and symptoms of cystitis to help you spot the condition and get the help you need.
The main symptoms of cystitis include:

pain, burning or stinging when you pee
needing to pee more often and urgently than normal
urine that’s dark, cloudy or strong smelling
pain low down in your tummy
feeling generally unwell, achy, sick and tired

Read more about the symptoms here, and find advice on when you should visit your GP.

*For women aged 16-64. Private service in selected Boots stores in Sheffield & London, subject to availability. Compatible smartphone required (download free app). Eligibility criteria & charges apply.
Men and children with symptoms of cystitis should always see a doctor.
 **There is no charge for the pharmacist consultation if prescription medication is not supplied.  
For more information about the Boots Cystitis Test & Treat Service and participating stores. Click here.


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