You can now buy KitKat ice cream that looks delicious

You can now buy KitKat ice cream that looks delicious

KITKAT is selling an ice-cream version of its famous chocolate bar that sounds delicious.
The ice cream has a creamy wafer-flavoured centre that’s covered in a chocolate coating which also has crushed wafer pieces in it.
KitKat is selling a new ice cream – but it’s only in Australia
But while it sounds like the perfect treat for hot summer days, you can sadly only get your hands on it in Australia.
The Sun has asked Nestle if it plans to bring the frozen treat to the UK and we’ll update this story if we get a response.
According to the Daily Mail, Australian ice cream firm Peters manufactured the new snack alongside KitKat owner Nestle.
Peters says the frozen treats are sold individually or as a box of four.
The frozen treats cost $8.50 (£4.63) for a box of four
And the Daily Mail adds that you can snap up the boxes for $8.50 (£4.63) at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.
Anna Stewart, Nestlé head of marketing confectionery, told the Daily Mail: “We are excited to bring a delicious twist on our iconic favourite, Kit Kat, and make a break into the ice cream freezer.
“Chocolate and ice cream lovers across Australia can now enjoy a well-deserved and chilled break with the Kit Kat Stick.”
The Sun has contacted Nestle for a comment and we’ll update this story if we get one.
There are no frozen KitKat inspired treats currently available to UK shoppers but other chocolate bar firms have branched into the frozen food market.
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Cadbury has three different types of Creme Egg ice cream, which could be an alternative treat to enjoy over Easter.
Meanwhile Kinder Bueno has this year launched ice cream versions of its popular chocolate bars.
And biscuit brand Biscoff is selling ice creams inspired by the crunchy treats in Waitrose.
Ben and Jerry’s is launching a NEW brown sugar ice cream with cookie swirls for Valentine’s Day

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