You can grow your own avocado tree for £11

You can grow your own avocado tree for £11

Fancy growing your own? (Picture: Getty, AvoSeedo/Amazon)Are you addicted to avocado?
Are you worried about the impact your fave millennial fruit is having on the environment?
Do you prefer houseplants to people?
Good news – you can grow your own avocado tree for just £11.
The AvoSeedo claims to be a low fuss route to sustainable tastiness.
It is a non-toxic plastic device designed to help you grow your own avocados. It comes in green, subtle transparent white and extremely loud hot pink.
It is currently available with a summer discount of 10%.
Simply cut open an avocado, take the avocado pit (the large stone inside), peel its thin skin off and place it into the AvoSeedo, with the flat part facing downwards.
Put it in a bowl of water and wait, as your avocado pit blooms into a little avocado tree. Or dies – plants can be a bit hit and miss.

It’s super easy, too (Picture: Avoseedo/Amazon)Like your boyfriend, the AvoSeedo claims to be low maintenance, and only needs new water every two to three weeks. This makes it a perfect pet if you don’t have the patience for a cat, or want something to hide your sneaky marijuana plant.
While avocados are thought to originate from Mexico, they do grow in northern Europe.
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The Netherlands is now the world’s second largest avocado exporter according to the International Trade Centre.
Imported avocados, particularly from Mexico, have been accused of causing deforestation and using up soil nutrients.
Much safer to grow them in your pitifully small studio flat in Penge.
If avocados are too mainstream or you have the blessing of an allotment, try these: Strawberry Spinach, Oca Tubers, or even a Snake Gourd
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