Yobs film themselves stealing cars and motorbikes on Instagram

Yobs film themselves stealing cars and motorbikes on Instagram

THUGS are using secret Instagram accounts to brag about stealing cars, breaking into homes and taunting police, the Sun Online can reveal.
Shocking footage showing criminals brandishing guns, smashing into shops and fleeing cops is being uploaded to private groups which celebrate the vile crimes.
Instagram Thugs posed with weapons on the secret Instagram sites
Instagram Some posted pictures of weapons – including a handgun
The social media site, owned by Facebook, has recently been slammed for allowing material showing self-harm and glorifying suicide on its platform.
And previously illegal drugs and deadly diet pills have been discovered for sale on the social media site.
But now The Sun Online has uncovered a string of accounts showing burglars brazenly stealing cars, bikes and breaking into homes while gloating about their crimes.
Other clips show crooks armed with guns, machetes and Rambo-style hunting knives or fleeing police officers in high-speed car chases.
One of the biggest accounts is called Mr Dingers, slang for stolen vehicles with more than 68,000 followers and apparently run from South Birmingham.
A video posted on the account just a week ago shows moped rider ram-raiding a motorcycle shop’s glass door before entering.
A man films the raid as one of the thugs, wearing a helmet, helps his rider pal crash into the shop front.
The clip, viewed more than 38,000 times, has already received more than 60 comments with one follower saying “easy money” and other declaring: “f***ing ruthless”.
Another video shows masked thugs filming a BMW 4×4 on a drive with the passenger window smashed before they are filmed in the driver’s seat with the engine revving in an apparent car theft.
The Mr Dingers account holder gloats with a message under the video posted in December: “My f***ing guys shouting me out in the big X5”.
Some of the account followers described their disgust with one posting the message “scumbags” under the video while others praised the thugs.
One wrote under the video which has been viewed almost 20,000 times: “Keep doing ya ting.”
Other videos on Instagram showed brazen car and motorbike thieves stealing vehicles and often offering them for sale.
In one clip, viewed more than 28,000 times on the Mr Dingers account, a yob with a camera is leaning out of a car as two police officers stop behind.
The passenger, apparently talking to the driver, says: “He’s going to jump out, stay there”, before the officer is heard stating: “Stop there, please.”
But the thug then says “Go ahead” and to the officers “Stop mate, it’s a knock-off, see you later” as the car speeds off.
This week Conservative MP Damian Collins, chair of the Culture Select Committee, called for tougher regulation of social media companies’ content.
He told The Sun: “It’s appalling they will allow people to glorify criminal acts on Instagram and build an audience for people watching it.
“They’ve got the capability to monitor what goes on even in closed groups on the platform and they should be closing these groups down.
“Content that depicts and glorifies criminal acts has no place on social media and these social media companies should be acting against it.”
A separate account called “dingers_birmz”, again apparently run from South Birmingham, has a video posted in January showing people sat in a car with two loaded shotguns and what appears to be a pistol.
The group, wearing gloves, can be seen handling the weapons with UK-style drill music playing in the background.
Another post on the Mr Dingers account from January includes a video with more than 28,000 views showing masked burglars inside a house along with a comment: “Lets see whats in the fridge”.
The pair of yobs are heard laughing as they open the fridge while one of the masked men pours a pours a bottle of soft drink on the floor in an apparent attempt to look like urine.
The video had tens of thousands of views with many comments crying with laughter emojis.
In November a clip posted on the Mr Dingers account, with the caption “fed chase got smoked”, shows yobs apparently filming themselves fleeing cops in a high-speed chase.
The video, with smiley-face emojis to cover the yobs’ faces and high-pitched voice distortion, is filmed from inside a car as it speeds in front of a police car with flashing blue lights.
If it isn’t screwed down we’re taking it away
They can be heard laughing and gloating “you got this, you got this” inside the vehicle.
One follower gleefully commented under the video, which had almost 26,000 views: “feds can’t catch s***”.
Superintendent Dave Twyford, leading a new operation targeting organised car crime in the West Midlands where at least two of the accounts claim to be based, said: “We’re very aware of the trend for some criminals involved in car crime post details of their offending on social media.
“It is something that in the past has been flagged to us by members of the public, and we have then investigated and either gathered intelligence or made arrests, where there is evidence to do so.
“We’re now taking a far more proactive approach by monitoring social media and building up a good picture of who is involved in this type of activity so that we can gather vital intelligence to make arrests and take them off the streets.
“This type of organised crime fuels car-jackings and car-key burglaries, which cause untold damage to those victims.
The criminals responsible should be under no illusion that we are pursuing them using all the tactics available to usWest Midlands Police
“The criminals responsible should be under no illusion that, whether they share their crimes on social media or not, we are pursuing them using all the tactics available to us.”
A third page glorifying vehicle thefts is called “nick_it_and_spin_it” on which the account bio brazenly states: “If it isn’t screwed down we’re taking it away” and “we take bikes, cars, anything”.
One clip on the page shows a person apparently using a disk cutter to cut a lock on a stationary motorbike.
And a fourth account found by The Sun titled UPSA_Bikes declares in its bio “We Got What Yu Want – Put Your Orders In”.
When confronted with the accounts by The Sun, Instagram removed all of them, claiming they breached guidelines.
A spokesman said: “Illegal activity, including the support or praise of it, is not allowed on Instagram.
“We encourage people to report content they think is against our guidelines using our in-app tools.
“We check these reports 24/7 and as soon as we’re made aware of violating content, we work quickly to remove it.”
In a similar case police this month arrested an 18-year-old who had allegedly been uploading videos of thefts to social media.
Another 16-year-old charged by Warwickshire Police has pleaded guilty to a string of house burglaries and car thefts in a linked case and will be sentenced next week.
A spokesman for West Mercia Police, understood to be investigating the content of the Instagram accounts, said: “An 18-year-old man was arrested on 14 February on suspicion of encouraging others to commit crime.
“A warrant was carried out at an address in Kings Heath following an investigation into the man’s use of social media.
“The arrest comes following an investigation into social media accounts allegedly being used to host videos of crimes being committed such as vehicle crime and burglary.
“A number of items have been seized from the property for further analysis and the suspect was later released on bail while the investigation continues.”
Instagram The Mr Dingers account has built more than 68,000 followers
Instagram One video showed thugs smashing into a shop window
The Mr Dingers account gloats over a video showing thieves in a stolen BMW with its passenger window smashed
Instagram Yobs slow down for a following police care before speeding off in a clip posted on Instagram
Instagram Two shotguns and a pistol are shown being handled by people wearing gloves in one video understood to be run for vehicle thieves
A pair of thugs even filmed themselves apparently breaking into a house
Instagram Crooks can be seen using a disk cutter to apparently steal a motorbike
The Instagram account boasts about stealing bikes and cars in its bio
On the page a video is shown of a helmeted man using a disk cutter to sever a motorbike lock in what appears to be an underground car park.

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