Worker sacked over failed drugs test caused by a loaf of bread from Aldi

Worker sacked over failed drugs test caused by a loaf of bread from Aldi

A FACTORY worker was sacked over a failed drugs test — caused by a £1.58 loaf of Aldi bread.
Marcin Konieczny, 35, has never taken illegal substances, doesn’t smoke and drinks a glass of wine a month.
Simon Hill/Triangle News Marcin was fired from a failed drug test despite he does not take drugs
But bosses refused to listen to his protests and sacked him on the spot.
Marcin started researching to prove his innocence and found a failed test can be linked to poppy seeds on bread and buns.
He realised he regularly eats Aldi’s Honey Soaked Seeded Bloomer and took a loaf to a private lab.
Their tests produced the same as his drug test — non-negative, which means traces have been found.
Animal feed firm, Cod Beck Blenders, of Thirsk, North Yorks, acknowledged the error and said he can return to work.
Polish-born Marcin, who lives with his wife and two sons in Middlesbrough, said: “It’s such a relief. The feeling of no one believing you drives you mad.”
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Poppy seeds come from the papaver somniferum plant, or opium poppy.
Most opium is removed at processing but seeds can retain enough to be detected in the urine up to 48 hours after eating them.
Cod Beck Blenders said: “In the circumstances we would have no objection in principle to this temporary worker returning here.”
Simon Hill/Triangle News Marcin discovered the bread from Aldi he was regularly eating altered the result of the test
Simon Hill/Triangle News Now Marcin Konieczny has been allowed back at work
Simon Hill/Triangle News Poppy seeds can retain enough opium to be detected in the urine up to 18 hours after consumption
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