Women want sex to last as long as 24 minute episode of Coronation Street – The Sun

Women want sex to last as long as 24 minute episode of Coronation Street – The Sun

WOMEN want sex to last as long as an episode of Corrie, research reveals.
But they are being sold short — both in terms of time and the length of their partners’ manhoods.
2 A new study of romantic relations has revealed that women take an average of 15 minutes to orgasm, or ten if aided by sex toysCredit: Getty
Women say the ideal length of a bedroom romp is 24 minutes and 12 seconds — the same as an episode of the ITV soap without ad breaks.
But researchers found that sex sessions lasted an average of just 18½ minutes.
A lack of foreplay and the size of their man’s penis were among other problems that left one in five women feeling unsatisfied.
The Danish study of 300 women showed they took an average of just over 15 minutes to orgasm or about ten minutes with the help of sex toys.
But researcher Ditte Skakke wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine: “The fact that the women wish for longer intercourse despite enough time to reach orgasm, indicates that orgasm is not the only benefit or goal with sexual activity.”
2 Almost a third of women rarely or never reached orgasm as sexual problems were put down to too little foreplay, poor emotional connection or penis sizeCredit: Getty
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