Woman’s wax goes wrong when she accidentally glues her armpit together

Woman's wax goes wrong when she accidentally glues her armpit together

Kiera Stirton had a bit of a waxing mishap (Picture: @kierastirton_xo/ Jam Press)Is there any method of hair removal that’s actually bearable?
Shaving leaves us stubbly, hair removal cream rarely works, and epilating hurts.
Even if you can bear the pain of waxing, there are still risks lurking.
That’s the lesson shared by Kiera Stirton, from Glasgow, who managed to glue her armpit together thanks to an attempt to wax away her hair.
Kiera had tried to do some at-home waxing as a surprise for her boyfriend… but things didn’t go to plan.
She wrote on Twitter: ‘Ano yous are all bored about hearing about me and ma boyfriend but yes he’s on holiday so a thought I would suprise him and wax, forget the wax was wet now my f***ing armpit is glued the gither.’

The wax left her armpit firmly glued together Picture: @kierastirton_xo/ Jam Press)Kiera shared photos and video showing her armpit firmly stuck with bright red wax (don’t worry, that’s not blood), joking that she’d have to go to A&E to get her underarms sorted.
‘It’s hardened I cannot lift my arm,’ she wrote.
Eventually Kiera had the courage to rip the wax away, which left her with a cut in her armpit and some bruising. Ouch.
Kiera said she’ll stick to using a razor for her bikini line, and we can’t blame her.

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At least her pain serves as a cautionary tale to all those who want to rid themselves of body hair.
Plus, someone else’s beauty fail is always highly entertaining.
If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic. There are ways to remove the wax without ripping your skin in the process.
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If you regret sticking wax on a body part, simply get a washcloth and soak it in warm water before holding on the area. This will help to soften the wax and make it easier to slide off.
Grab some oil – baby oil, olive oil, cleansing oil, whatever you have. Douse the wax in oil to dissolve it, then gently wipe away. Easy, and a lot less painful then trying to pull off wax after you realise you’ve made a terrible mistake.
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