Woman’s life saved after a roller coaster ride led to tangerine-sized brain tumour discovery

Woman's life saved after a roller coaster ride led to tangerine-sized brain tumour discovery

A ROLLER COASTER ride saved a woman’s life when it triggered vomiting fits which led to docs finding a brain tumour.
Molly White, 21, had no symptoms until the Colossus in Thorpe Park, Surrey, “rattled” the lump.
SWNS:South West News Service Molly White’s life was saved by a roller coaster after it led to the discovery of a brain tumour
SWNS:South West News Service The 21-year-old had a slight headache after coming off Collosus at Thorpe Park but blamed it on the ride
The student, of Paignton, Devon, is recovering after two ops and radiotherapy to shrink it.
She said: “It’s something that at the time, I didn’t think too much about, but of course that roller coaster made a massive difference.
“I nearly didn’t go to Thorpe Park because I was moving house and I had so much on.
“If I hadn’t have gone there, who knows when I would have found about the tumour?”
Molly went to Thorpe Park in April 2016, to celebrate her friend’s birthday and when she got off the ride – which has
corkscrews, rolls and a loop – she had a sore head.
“It was a dull ache for a few minutes,” she said.
“When I came off I said ‘that really rattled my brain’. Little did I know, it literally had.”
Molly added: “The doctor said ‘this roller coaster moved your head around and would have made your tumour move to where it was pressing against a part of your brain that was making you have symptoms’.
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“He said if it hadn’t it would have grown to the point where there was nothing they could have done about it.
“It would have been too late and I probably wouldn’t be here now.
“The roller coaster saved my life.”
SWNS:South West News Service The pain made Molly, from Paignton, Devon, seek medical help which eventually saw doctors discover the tumour
SWNS:South West News Service The tumour was removed during two complex ops and Molly is now on the mend
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