Woman writes open letter of thanks after a stranger helps take care of her kids in a shop

Woman writes open letter of thanks after a stranger helps take care of her kids in a shop

A woman has written an open letter on her Facebook, thanking a kind stranger who stepped in when her kids overwhelmed her.
Laura Mazza, who runs the blog Mum on the Run, was trying to pick up a prescription when she became overwhelmed by her hyper children and screaming baby.
She writes: ‘To the woman at the chemist,
‘Not the one who stared at me and my children like I was a disgusting pile of filth.
‘While I was trying to fill a script and my children who, over tired, started tipping the boxes of cold and flu tablets over while my baby was screaming in my arms. You saved me.
‘You distracted my children and took my baby from my arms. You gave them lollipops and told them a funny story. They were captivated by you.
‘You didn’t know it, but I had been waiting for 45 minutes, I had called up and they told me my script was ready. I thought I’d be in and out, I thought it would be a good opportunity for the kids to get outside and give them a treat. You didn’t know they stuffed up my script, twice. I was there to fill scripts for adhd medication and anti depressants.
‘You didn’t know it, but my anxiety was through the roof and I was ready to burst into tears.

(Picture @MumOnTheRun)‘I gave them ice cream and their sugar high was meant to be worn out at the playground, but because it took so long, they used that energy in the chemist. I was trying to talk to the pharmacist and listen because being on your last week of pills is like standing on the edge of a cliff.
‘Everyone heard me, even the pharmacist could hear the panic and my voice quivering. You didn’t know it but it’s a mammoth effort for me to get out confidently with all three. I regretted it as soon as they started screaming and the head shakes and annoyed glances came my way.
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‘You told me you had three kids too, but they were all at your mothers that day, you told me you understood and I felt in my heart you did.
‘You didn’t know me but you saved me from my own mind, my feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. I would have never gone back to that chemist and It would have taken me a long time to go out again for fear of the same thing happening again.
‘I’ve been on the other side so many times and have been you, and I’ve been thanked profusely, and I never understood how much it meant to them until today.
‘You didn’t know it, but you saved me. So thank you.
‘Mama village-ing done right.’

(Picture: @themumontherun)People seemed inspired by her post. Samantha Eastwood, also a parent, commented: ‘A lovely reminder to me that when I see another mum having a tricky time it’s ok to go over & see if they’re ok. Usually I give a sympathetic look but don’t feel confident enough to go over & start a conversation.
‘I always want to help! So if you see someone looking at you maybe they are deciding if you want their help or not, or working up the courage themselves to come talk to you.’
Tracey Ott commented that reading Laura’s story made her miss her own time as a new mother: ‘As a 46 year old momma of two adult boys I remember these days all to well. Honestly I miss it so much that I am the women that helped you today.
‘This is something that any mother should do for there fellow mothers instinctively. Unfortunately there are more that judge instead of lifting another mother up or lending a hand. Raising children takes a village and is especially hard when your dealing with anxiety,depression or any metal illness for that fact. Your doing amazing with those lil ones.’
If your child is exhibiting difficult behaviour, you may want to speak to your GP, your health visitor or visit the Family Lives website.  
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