Woman with strange bulging belly button discovers it’s rare sign of ovarian cancer

Woman with strange bulging belly button discovers it's rare sign of ovarian cancer

A WOMAN was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after spotting a rare symptom.
The unnamed 73-year-old had noticed a sore lump protruding from her belly button.
The New England Journal of Medicine ©2019 A woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after spotting a lump protruding from her tummy button
She went to hospital in Spain days after it began to bleed.
Doctors examined her and found the lump was hard, measuring around 2cm in diameter.Scans revealed giant tumour
Further investigations showed the woman also had a mass in her pelvis.
Scans revealed a giant growth, measuring 11cm by 11cm by 9.5cm, doctors wrote in a case report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Doctors performed a biopsy and the results revealed the woman had ovarian cancer.
Rare sign of abdominal cancers
It turns out the lump protruding from her belly button was a Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule, a rare symptom of gynaecological or gastrointestinal tumours, according to Dr Javier Barambio, who treated the patient at hospital in Madrid.
Only about one to three per cent of abdominal and pelvic cancers spread to the belly button.
Dr Wasif Saif, from Northwell Health Cancer Institute in Lake Success, New York told LiveScience, the lump is a warning sign of a tumour in the tummy.
7 signs of ovarian cancer to watch out forOVARIAN cancer is the biggest gynaecological killer of women in Britain, with the UK having some of the worst survival rates in Europe.
Which is why it’s so crucial that we all know the symptoms – and we push for a diagnosis ASAP.
If you get diagnosed in the earliest stage, you’ve got a 90 per cent chance of surviving over five years.
That drops dramatically to 40 per cent by stage two, which is halved again a stage later.
Here we reveal the 7 key signs to watch out for:
1. Bloating
2. Pain in your belly or pelvic area
3. Feeling full quickly when you’re eating
4. Needing to pee more often
5. Back pain
6. Change in poo habits
7. Unexplained weight loss
If you think you have any of the signs, check with your GP.
Nine times out of ten it will be something less serious, but checking early could save your life.

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But he said it doesn’t always mean that person has cancer.
The woman had surgery to remove her tumour, and chemo to try and blast the disease and stop it spreading.
Dr Barambio said she’s in a “good condition” and is free of the disease.
The lump was in fact a sign of a giant tumour growing in the woman’s tummy. She had surgery to remove it, and is doing well, doctors said

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