Woman turns dog’s cone of shame into glorious costumes

Woman turns dog's cone of shame into glorious costumes

(Picture: Kaitlyn Cotter / Caters News)Attention dog mums: Bookmark this for the next time your pooch is looking glum after having surgery.
When Kaitlyn Cotter’s dog Gus was neutered, she decided to turn his cone of shame into something to be proud of.
She got creative and transformed his protective cone into a load of costumes, including a martini, an astronaut, McDonald’s fries, and a basketball net.
Other costumes include a scuba driver and a slushy drink. Lovely.
Kaitlyn, from Toronto, Canada, has had her one-year-old dog since he was eight weeks old. She has previously dressed him up as a shark for Halloween and a TY Beanie Baby, but when he required the cone she had to make some adjustments.
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‘Most of the costumes were pretty simple to make, the ones that took the longest were the astronaut costume and the basketball net because of all of the tape and string involved,’ said Kaitlyn.
‘All of the reactions I’ve seen have been really positive, a lot of people were commenting each day saying that it was the highlight of their day to see what his next costume was.
‘Some people said I have too much time on my hands, but because Gus couldn’t go outside as much we had some time to spare.’

(Picture: Kaitlyn Cotter / Caters News)

(Picture: Kaitlyn Cotter / Caters News)

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