Woman orders Boohoo dress online, gets one that leaves her vagina ‘totally exposed’

Woman orders Boohoo dress online, gets one that leaves her vagina 'totally exposed'

(Picture: Kennedy News and Pictures)Online shopping fails don’t bring much joy to the person relying on a dress for an event that evening, but at least they’re entertaining for everyone else.
Case in point: Natalie Jade Magill’s experience.
Natalie, 28, ordered a navy blue dress through ASOS. When it arrived the next day, she was excited to try it on.
Only when she tried it on, the dress didn’t look quite how it looked on the model. The split, meant to show off a bit of leg, started just below her belly button… leaving her vagina completely exposed.
Thankfully Natalie was able to laugh about the whole thing, but the moment did knock her confidence, making her feel like she was ‘too big’ for a size 12 dress.

(Picture: Kennedy News and Media)‘I ordered it for a friend’s 30th birthday event,’ said Natalie. ‘As soon as I had the opportunity to try it on I did and was pretty excited to slip it on.
The colour initially looked a little different to the image but it was still nice so it didn’t put me off.
‘Putting it on it felt nice but as I positioned it I knew something wasn’t quite right. Where is the material to cover your min?
‘I was actually howling laughing at it and thought ‘surely this can’t be right?’ My husband also fell about laughing, I don’t even think a bigger size would have helped.
‘After having my son, I was already feeling body conscious and have been working so hard in the gym.

(Picture: Kennedy News and Media)‘To have something like this not fit, it just completely knocked me and meant I then had to go on the hunt for something else which is frustrating and annoying.’
Natalie went back online to look at the dress and noticed some of the photos showed models holding their hands over their genitals – perhaps to protect their own private parts.
The mum realises that it’s not her body that’s the issue, but the design of the dress.
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She said: ‘I went back to the original image and noticed the model had her hand across the gaping hole which now makes sense as it’s probably designed that way.
‘But why you’d want a dress like that I don’t know.
‘I returned the dress a few days later and ASOS have been extremely quick to rectify and refund.
‘It hasn’t completely put me off using Boohoo as a company but I know I’m not the first to sadly have this issue.’
Boohoo has been approached for comment but has not yet responded.
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