Woman doing laundry screams ‘Holy f**king s**t there’s a snake in my dryer!’

Woman doing laundry screams 'Holy f**king s**t there's a snake in my dryer!'

A terrified woman screamed ‘Holy fucking shit there’s a snake in the dryer!’ after finding one of the reptiles huddled in her freshly-laundered clothes.
Amanda Wise shared the surveillance camera footage of her running through her home in Safety Harbor, Florida, after finding the corn snake in her garage Sunday.
She can be heard shouting ‘Oh my God!’ while trying to raise the alarm about the small, non-venomous snake, which kills its prey by constriction, and prefers to avoid human contact.

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Afterwards, Amanda’s husband Matt was able to take the snake out of the dryer and release it back into the wild.
And she was able to see the funny side of what had happened, writing on Facebook: ‘Y’all.. I about had a near death experience this morning.
‘Pedophile molested girl, 3, in church then tried to blame “perverted” Japanese comics’‘I made my coffee and headed out to the garage to fold laundry from the dryer.
‘Almost done, I bent down to grab the rest out and BAM! A M.F. SNAKE.
‘If there’s one thing I am terrified of (other than flying) it’s snakes.

The corn snake can be seen curled up in Amanda’s dryer. They are a non-venomous breed which kill prey by constriction (Picture: Amanda Wise)

The corn snake pictured after Amanda’s husband Matt set it free. Although shaken by the close encounter, Amanda was able to see the funny side, and was happy to share a video of her initial terror (Picture: Amanda Wise)‘I have never ran so fast in my life. My heart was racing, my legs were shaking and I burst into a sweat.
‘Shout out to my husband, the snake tamer, for getting him out of the dryer safely and outside (where he belongs).’
Amanda also apologized for the language in her video, adding: ‘This was too funny not to share.’


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