Woman asks for undercut design, gets ‘world’s worst haircut’

Woman asks for undercut design, gets 'world's worst haircut'

Lucy Burrows asked for an undercut design. It didn’t go to plan (Picture: Lucy Burrows/Triangle News)We’ve all had haircuts that don’t quite look like the picture we brought in for reference.
But this one is a tad more drastic than a slightly too-short fringe or some dodgy layers.
Lucy Burrows, 22, showed a hairstylist a picture of a detailed undercut design she had seen online, and asked for the same style.
The undercut shaves a small V section in the hair, complete with some line work.
Instead of that subtle but edgy design, a large portion of Lucy’s head was shaved, and that detailed line work wasn’t quite right.
As it’s on the back of her head, Lucy didn’t get to check out the design until it was too late.
Here’s what she asked for:

(Picture: esta_hed.shed/Instagram) 
And here’s what she got:

(Picture: Lucy Burrows/Triangle News)Can you spot the difference? We expect you can.
Lucy says Barber n’ Bar in Cheltenham initially refused to acknowledge the mistake, but eventually agreed to refund the £20 cut, throwing in an extra tenner to apologise.
But Lucy still isn’t too pleased.
‘If you’re looking for a butcher, Barber n’ Bar is the right place,’ she said.
‘They absolutely destroyed my hair and confidence and I couldn’t even go to work because of this.’
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The good news is that as it’s an undercut, Lucy can still play around with her hair to cover up the less-than-perfect shave job.
The cut happened back in August, but she says her still has only just started to recover.
She said: ‘I still can’t wear my hair up at all and it looks so bad and messy.
‘You can’t tell as much anymore but it still feels very thin to me.’
‘After a long argument, the hairdressers admitted they did do it to me and sent back £30 but I am still half bald which obviously isn’t great.’
Barber n’ Bar have been contacted for comment but haven’t responded yet.
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