Woman, 23, went to bed with cold symptoms and never woke up due to undiagnosed meningitis

Woman, 23, went to bed with cold symptoms and never woke up due to undiagnosed meningitis

A YOUNG estate agent went to bed suffering from cold symptoms and didn’t wake up after contracting meningitis.
Abigail Harris, 23, unknowingly had a bacterial form of the illness.
Abigail had been feeling under the weather for a few moments but tried to shake it off
Abigail had been feeling poorly for a few months but tried to dismiss any symptoms
She went to hospital on March 27, complaining of pain in her wrist, but was diagnosed with tendinitis and advised to get some rest.
Abigail later messaged her aunt Fiona Scarlett, a paramedic practitioner, when she had difficulty breathing. Sadly that was the last time they spoke.
Fiona Scarlett said: “She said she couldn’t drive to hospital due to her wrist hurting so I told her to get her boyfriend Kieron to take her.
“But she hadn’t told him how bad she felt and he’d gone to bed. She didn’t want to bother him.”
“She said she’d try to go to sleep. We left it there.”
Abigail Harris, 23, went to bed with cold symptoms but it was actually undiagnosed meningitis
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She was later rushed to intensive care but did not respond to antibiotics. She died on March 29.
Mum and dad Nicola and Andy shared her story for World Meningitis Day to raise awareness of the MenACWY vaccine.
The family said: “She has left a gaping hole in our hearts.”
Girl, 13, who lost her hands to meningitis as a baby does her makeup using bionic arms



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