Witch-hunt of veterans is a national disgrace enabled by spineless politicians

Witch-hunt of veterans is a national disgrace enabled by spineless politicians

Protest march
NO ONE can blame Tory MP Johnny Mercer for going on strike over his Government’s continued persecution of forces veterans.
The Tories have endlessly wrung their hands and made false promises to end it.
Getty Images – Getty Government must stand up for our veterans and stop throwing them to the wolves
In 2017 they shut down the discredited IHAT Iraq probe, first set up by Labour. But a witch-hunt still goes on over disputed incidents during the Troubles nearly half a century ago.
It is a national disgrace, enabled by spineless politicians. And it is a mark of the staggering ineptitude of Theresa May’s Government that they have squandered the support of a rising Tory star, an Army veteran who won them a ­marginal seat as recently as 2015.
The Government is finally now asking the International Criminal Court for a time limit on charging veterans. Great, but what took so long?
And if the ICC refuses, will the Tories finally stand up for our troops — or keep throwing them to the wolves?
Hard Labour
BRITAIN is in denial about the looming catastrophe of a hard-Left Government. There will be no half-measures.
Corbyn’s extremists have waited their whole lives for socialist revolution. They won’t waste their one chance. They know there won’t be another.
Corbyn’s extremists have waited their whole lives for socialist revolution
It will be all-out war on private firms, homeowners, savers, middle and high earners, better-off OAPs and the media.
New wealth taxes, paralysing regulations. Simple theft. Whole industries nationalised with negligible compensation. Massive new union powers.
All to “help the poor”, who will face destitution once our crippled, ruined economy is left for dust by our rivals in a new era of technological innovation.
Corporations currently obsessed with halting Brexit should instead be ­feverishly improving their products and services and championing capitalism, as Allister Heath writes opposite.
But they have convinced themselves Marxism is survivable.
By the time they wake from their delusions it will be too late.
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Starters’ orders
CALORIE counts on restaurant menus are the one bit of “nanny state” interference we can just about support. They might even work.
Admittedly, telling diners their dessert contains a third of their recommended daily intake is a bit of a joy-killer.
Reuters Matt Hancock is right to exempt small restaurants and pubs from calorie counts on menus
But it does gently remind us how much we’re taking on board.
There can be a big cost, though, for pubs, cafes and small restaurants in accurately assessing meals, especially when menus change regularly.
So Health Secretary Matt Hancock is right to exempt them for the moment from compulsory new rules.
As for the big chains, get on with it.
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