Why is Alexa flashing yellow, green or red? What the colours of your Amazon device mean

Why is Alexa flashing yellow, green or red? What the colours of your Amazon device mean

ALEXA has become a household name, and while making your life much easier – she can also be a little confusing at times.
If your Amazon Echo is flashing different colours and you’re not quite sure why, don’t fret – we have the answers.
1 Amazon devices have a range of colours for different settingsCredit: Alamy
What does yellow mean?
You’ve got mail! If your Alexa is flashing yellow it means that you have a message in your inbox.
The best way to disable to flashing yellow light is to ask Alexa to read your messages to you.
What does flashing or blinking blue mean?
That the device is listening to you. When you talk to Alexa the light ring wakes up and flashes blue. When you’re done asking a question, the blue light spins while Alexa processes what has been said and formulates an answer.
What does green mean?
Someone is trying to call you! This is part of Alexa’s calling and messsaging features, which you can use to call or send messages to your contacts.
If your echo is solid red?
This means that the microphone is disabled. If you press the microphone button on the top of your Echo it will mute it.
While it is in that mode it won’t be able to listen or assist you.
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What does flashing purple mean?
If your Echo briefly flashes purple it means that Do Not Disturb has been enabled, which is a feature that makes sure nobody can message or call at certain times.
Orange or violet?
You’re connecting to the Wifi.


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