Who would win a one-mile race if they were travelling at top speed — a starfish or a snail?

Who would win a one-mile race if they were travelling at top speed — a starfish or a snail?

WHO is the king of the jungle when it comes to going the distance?
This week visitors at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire spotted a wacky race between a baby giraffe and a zebra.
Bournemouth News Visitors at Longleat Safari Park were amused to see a baby giraffe racing a zebra – where the giraffe won by a neck
The pair were head-to-head for a while before 15-month-old Rudy beat zebra Iebe by a neck, right.
Keeper Ian Turner said: “As a stallion, Iebe is looking to show off his speed. However, it looks like he met his match.”
Here, we pit a selection of animals — plus a human world champ — against each other to see who would theoretically win a one-mile race if they were travelling at their top speed all the way.
In a very unlikely race, a cheetah would beat a great white shark in a test of speed
By quite a large difference of almost four minutes, a donkey would beat a pig
A bear could run a mile in two minutes, while a hippo would come in at three minutes nine seconds
In a test between a chimp and a race horse, unsurprisingly the horse would win
For comparison with human speed, Usain Bolt would be bested by a greyhound who could manage a mile in just one minute 20 seconds
In a test of speed between an ostrich and an emu, the ostrich would win narrowly
In an even closer score, a ram would be a bull by just 12 seconds
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No shock here – a snake would beat a tortoise…only by 79 minutes
With the biggest win of the lot, a starfish would beat a snail by a whopping 29 hours 20 minutes
Dracula ant is named ‘world’s fastest animal’ with mandibles that snap at speeds up to 90 meters per second


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