Who was Caroline Owens? Fred and Rose West’s nanny who survived abuse and torture at the hands of the sadistic couple

Who was Caroline Owens? Fred and Rose West's nanny who survived abuse and torture at the hands of the sadistic couple

CAROLINE Owens experienced the abuse of Fred and Rose West’s first-hand, after working as their nanny.
But what happened to the tragic woman and is she still alive?
News Group Newspapers Ltd Caroline was 16 when she hitched a ride with the couple and took a job as their nanny
Who was Caroline Owens?
Fred and Rose West were convicted of sexual assaulting Caroline Roberts (formerly Caroline Owens) in January 1973, a former nanny, who they had abducted and drugged.
She was 16 when she hitched a ride with the couple and took a job as their nanny.
Weeks after she quit, the Wests picked her up again and took her back to Cromwell Street where she was abused.
Cops discovered they would pick up or abduct girls from bus stops around Gloucester and imprison them for several days before killing them.
Although Owens survived the horrific attacks, she sadly passed away in 2016 after battling cancer.
PA:Press Association Fred killed himself after admitting to his crimes
Who were the serial killer couple Fred and Rose West?
Frederick Walter Stephen West was an English serial killer who committed at least 12 murders, including his daughter Heather, between 1967 and 1987 in Gloucestershire.
The majority of them were with his second wife, Rosemary “Rose” West taking place in 25 Cromwell Street which was dubbed by the press as the “House of Horrors”.
Rose, who was born in Northam, Devon, met Fred aged 15 when he was 13 years older at Cheltenham bus station.
Fred, then living in a caravan, pursued the teenager and within weeks she became a nanny to his children Charmaine and Anna Marie.
Her father Bill, a paranoid schizophrenic who repeatedly sexually abused Rose, disapproved of the relationship and threatened Fred.
The couple moved to a flat in Gloucester and Rose began working as prostitute.
They secretly married in January 1972 and moved to 25 Cromwell Street.
The couple tortured, murdered and raped their victims with some buried under the cellar floor in the house.
PA:Press Association Rose West is in jail for the murders she committed with Fred
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How many victims did Fred and Rose West murder?
Police uncovered a number of mutilated female bodies in the garden and cellar of the Wests’ Gloucestershire home.
Including two of their own children, the Wests are thought to have murdered at 12 people.
However Fred once claimed that he had killed over 20 people, according to a Channel 5 documentary, which aired in 2001, based on Fred’s police interviews.
Most of the West’s victims were subject to rape and other forms of sexual torture before they died.
Their first victim as a couple was 19 year old Lynda Gough, who was found dismembered, with bones missing, in a pit beneath the couple’s garage at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester.


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