Who is Tina Malone, how old is she and who is her husband Paul Chase?

Who is Tina Malone, how old is she and who is her husband Paul Chase?

TINA Malone has completely transformed her body with a dramatic weight loss but more recently has been in the news for different reasons.
Now the former Shameless star could be in trouble with the police after it was claimed she was to be accused of breaking a court injunction which bans photos of sick child killer Jon Venables online. We take a look at her career so far, her road to motherhood, how she managed to shed the pounds and why she got the sack from panto…
iCelebTV Tina Malone is an actress from Liverpool who is known for her weight loss
Who is Tina Malone? What was her early career?
Christina “Tina” Malone was born on 30 January 1963 in Toxteth, Merseyside.
She attended Liverpool Institute High School for Girls and Childwall College.
At the beginning of career she played Mo McGee in Channel 4 soap Brookside and a nurse called Bobbie in Victoria Wood’s Dinner Ladies.
When was Tina Malone in Shameless? Who did she play?
Tina is mostly known for playing the feisty Mimi Maguire in the UK version of Shameless.
Tina was in the show from 2005, until it ended in 2013.
Her character is described as “the foul-mouthed, loud, brash and violent matriarch of the Maguire family”.
Channel 4 Tina famously played Mimi Maguire
When was Tina Malone on Celebrity Big Brother?
On 2 January 2009, Tina entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.
She was the seventh person to enter and was immediately picked up on for her loudness.
On 16 January, Tina was the second person to be evicted.
Planet Photos Tina was on celebrity Big Brother in 2009
During her eviction interview she told CBB presenter Davina McCall the experience had been “cathartic” and she had been brought in to play the role of the “fat bird”.
Tina said she was “incredibly relieved” that she was out and admitted she was fond of using strong language – something she gained a reputation for in the house.
She said she had toned down her personality for the show but added: “I use expletives not because I have a lack of vocabulary but because I am very passionate. I actually like them.”

How much weight has Tina Malone lost and how did she lose so much weight?
Tina lost a massive 12 stone.
She went from being obese to a slim size 6.
The star had a gastric band fitted to help her shed the pounds.
But this dramatic weight-loss came with a price, as she was left with excess skin.
She was pictured on 6 March 2017 leaving a clinic where she had reportedly started the procedure to have this removed.
Tina has been married to her husband Paul Chase since 2010
Who is Tina Malone’s husband Paul Chase? Do they have children  together?
Tina married her husband Paul Chase in 2010 and has two children.
He is 19 years younger than her.
She has a daughter Danielle from a previous relationship who was born in 1982.
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She also has a daughter with Paul, Flame, who was born on 15 December 2013 when Tina was 50.
In 2017 Tina revealed that she would become a mum again with Paul – and would choose the sex of her baby.
She told The Sunday Mirror: “Some will say I am selfish and irresponsible for having another child at 54.
“They will moralise and abuse me – even more so for selecting the sex of our baby – and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
“But I don’t give two f***s for what they think.”
Why was Tina Malone sacked from pantomine?
In December 2018, Tina was sacked from a production of Sleeping Beauty just days before Christmas after admitting to possession of cocaine.
But in an emotional interview, the 54-year-old, has claimed she was set up and only admitted to having the drugs for the sake of her daughter.
Tina, who was carted away by police in front of her four-year-old daughter Flame, told The Sunday Mirror: “I swear on my daughter’s life I’d never take drugs in front of children or while performing.
“I told police it was a set-up but I took the caution because of Flame. She’d only just watched me on stage.
“I walked off, kissed her, and was just about to get into a taxi with her when the police came.
“My husband Paul took her to the hotel to wait for me. To be honest, I’d have admitted to being Jack the Ripper right there and then to get back to her.”
Tina, who was playing the fairy godmother, added: “If I’d have done this, I’d hold up my hand and admit it. But I didn’t. I was set up.
“I’ve always been honest about my ­addictions. I wrote I had college days ­smoking pot, I’d done ecstasy, I messed about with cocaine, but that my drug of choice would always have been alcohol.”
Did Tina Malone break the law by sharing pictures of James Bulger’s killer online?
In January 2019, Tina Malone attended the High Court for retweeting an apparent picture of James Bulger’s killer.
The 55-year-old revealed on social media she had been served papers by the court after being accused of breaking a court injunction which bans photos of Venables or his co-accused Robert Thompson.
Now Ms Malone could face a two year jail sentence or unlimited fine if she is found guilty of contempt after allegedly breaking the injunction.
In 2018, the Daily Star Sunday reported the police were “ready to investigate” the posts made by Malone.
Tina told the newspaper: “I didn’t have a clue it was illegal.
“What are you going to do… prosecute me for posting a picture?
“I didn’t realise. I am not au fait with the law.”
Tina has been an ambassador for The James Bulger Memorial Trust and has said in the past that she was friends with the murdered lad’s mum Denise Fergus.
Both of James Bulger’s killers live under taxpayer funded anonymity – with publication or sharing of any details regarding his current ID and whereabouts being punishable by jail time.
Venables was jailed in February 2018 after being found with 1,170 child abuse images – some featuring babies – and a manual detailing how to rape young children.
But outraged members of the public who shared new images of Venables on social media could also end up behind bars with a maximum two-year jail term.


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