Who is The Body Coach Joe Wicks and where did he marry former page 3 girl Rosie Jones?

Who is The Body Coach Joe Wicks and where did he marry former page 3 girl Rosie Jones?

JOE Wicks is a fitness and diet coach and cookbook author is best known for his ‘Lean in 15’ program.
Here is everything you need to know about him…
3 Joe Wicks has gone from a personal trainer struggling to make ends meet to a multi-millionaireCredit: Rex Features
Who is Joe Wicks?
Joe Wicks, 32, is an online fitness and diet guru who has launched his own books and TV show.
With a mission to “get people moving and eating healthily”, Joe has gone from a personal trainer struggling to make ends meet to a multi-millionaire.
The online nutrition coach was raised in Epsom, Surrey, and decided that he wanted to work for himself – rather than at a gym “getting paid peanuts”.
At the start of his career, he set up his own company, based in Richmond, South-West London, hosting boot camps in a local park.
But the fitness coach’s success came when he discovered the power of social media.
In 2014, when Instagram introduced video, Joe began uploading various motivational clips about fitness and nutrition to his account.
Once he gained popularity, he managed to turn his social media success into money by coming up with a 90-day exercise and nutrition plan – the 90 Day SSS.
Today, he has sold over 110,000 plans, boasts over 1.3 million Instagram followers, has a six-book publishing deal following impressive sales of his first two books and even has his own TV show.

Where did he marry Rosie Jones?
Joe and Rosie tied the knot in an intimate woodland ceremony alongside their closest friends and family members.
The fitness fanatic was the first to share the exciting news with fans, having taken to Instagram shortly after his wedding with an official photo from the occasion.
His caption read: “Just married. Having such an amazing day so far with all our family and friends.”
The couple walked down the aisle in the middle of the woods, with benches lining each side.
They then headed to a field for pictures with Rosie carrying a large rustic bunch of flowers.
3 Joe was raised in Epsom, Surrey, and decided that he wanted to work for himself – rather than at a gym ‘getting paid peanuts’Credit: refer to copyright holder
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What is Lean In 15?
Lean In 15 is the name of Joe Wicks’ popular book series.
The books contain easy recipes for healthy meals that can be made in 15 minutes, as well as workouts that take the same amount of time.
15 seconds was also the length of the Instagram videos that Joe originally put out – and is a slogan that became popular when he first started posting online.
His books sold over one million copies in less than seven months – more than any other author in 2016.
His most recent book is  called Cooking With Family & Friends .
Filled with home-cooked meals and tips on how to enjoy food and stay “lean”, it is a step away from his Lean In 15 trilogy by excluding workouts.
Previously the focus of Joe’s books was on providing quick, healthy meals and HIIT workouts, but this has a more laid-back approach to cooking.
3 Body Coach Joe Wicks has announced his girlfriend Rosie Jones has given birth to a baby girlCredit: INSTAGRAM
Who is his fiancée Rosie Jones and when was their baby born?
In September 2016, The Sun exclusively revealed the millionaire fitness sensation was dating former Page 3 beauty Rosie Jones.
The couple’s private relationship was rumbled after sharing a series of identical holiday pictures from Richard Branson’s Necker Island without mentioning each other.
On May 13, 2018, Joe announced Rosie was pregnant to the couple’s first child.
On July 30 Joe then announced to his Instagram that Rosie had given birth to a baby girl called Indie weighing 7.2lbs.

Posting a sweet snap of his little girl lying on his chest, 31-year-old Joe said on Instagram: “The very first moment we met. Last night at 9.29pm we had our first little baby. “A girl weighing 7.2lbs. Rosie and the baby are both in great health and we are all so happy and can’t stop cuddling.”
In November 2018 the couple announced on Instagram that they were engaged. 
Joe wrote: “…My Mum and Dad never got married when I was growing up and spent my whole life separating and getting back together and I always thought I didn’t believe in marriage.”
“But I now know what it means to want to stick together and to love someone enough to want to marry them.
“I asked Rosie to marry me and luckily she said yes. It’s my goal in life to be committed and loyal to Rosie and Indie and always be there for them.”
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Which TV shows did Joe Wicks present?
Joe Wicks’s TV show was called Joe Wicks: The Body Coach and aired on Channel 4.
His show was first broadcast in August 2016 but you can still watch the programme online at channel4.com.
Body coach, Joe Wicks’ top tips on parenting as a new dad and ideas on how to tackle childhood obesity


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