Where to buy cheapest paddling pool for your garden

Where to buy cheapest paddling pool for your garden

SUMMER isn’t far away and few things are better than splashing around in a paddling pool when the heatwave really strikes.
We’ve selected the best paddling pools in different price categories, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs and budget.
Aldi Stock up on a paddling pool before the next heatwave strikes
You don’t need a ton of outdoor space to have fun with a paddling pool – and you also don’t need a ton of cash.
Some of the best paddling pools available cost as little as £3.
Swimsuits at the ready – the countdown to summer paddling pools starts now.
If you spot a paddling pool that we haven’t listed below, make sure you shop around before you splash out as you may be able to find similar options at a cheaper price elsewhere.
Google’s price comparison tool, Google Shopping, is free and easy to use.
Under £5
Two Ring Paddling Pool Toddler Sized

Wilko Cool down your little one in the garden with this paddling pool at Wilko
This toddler-sized paddling pool is excellent value for money and ideal for kids aged one to three.
Parents also use it as a ball pit to entertain their little ones.
It comes with a width of 102cm and a height of 23cm.Intex Yellow My First Paddling Pool

The pool at The Works will set you back £3
Another option for the same price is the “Intex My First Pool”, although keep in mind it’s smaller.
It comes in the size of 61cm x 15cm, and is also suitable for children between one and three years old.Bestway Splash & Play Three-Ring Inflatable Play Pool

Towsure You’ll have to fork out just under a fiver for this Bestway pool
If you’re prepared to fork out slightly more, this paddling pool by Bestway has a diameter of 1.22m and a height of 25cm.
You can use it in the garden, at the park or the beach – it’s easy to carry and inflate so can be used almost anywhere outdoors.Under £15
Intex Smiling Octopus Sun Shade Pool

Poundtoy Protect your tots from direct sunlight with this paddling pool
If you’re worried about your little one spending too much time in direct sunshine, this octopus-shaped paddling pool could be another option.
It comes in the size of 1.02m x 1.04m and includes four inflatable starfish.Intex Quick Set Up Pool

Aldi The 10ft pool will only set you back £10 at Aldi
Last week, a savvy shopper spotted this 10ft pool up for grabs for only £9.99 at Aldi, down from £29.99.
Aldi hasn’t yet told us whether it’s a nationwide offer, so your best bet would be to give your local store a ring or pop down to see if you can bag the bargain yourself.
The shopper said she got the pool from Aldi’s Bedminster store in Bristol.

Nabaiji Tidipool Basic Children’s Small Paddling Pool

The pool is 65cm in diameter and should be quick to set-up
The Nabaija Tidipool is a 65cm diameter foldaway pool designed for 12-24-month old babies.
It should take just a few seconds to set up, and could be perfect for helping babies enjoy water.
It’s lightweight, meaning you can take it with you on trips – or you could just set it up at home for some fun pool time.Crivit Paddling Pool

Lidl Lidl’s £13.99 paddling pool is back from tomorrow
An option for older kids is this Lidl pool, which includes an inflatable head rest and even a built-in cup holder – perfect for relaxing on a hot day.
You even get repair patches for fixing punctures and there’s a three-year warranty included – meaning you can get a replacement, repair or your money back if it bursts.
Depending on what floats your boat, you can get the pool in a rectangular shape in blue (202cm x 151cm x 46cm/60cm when inflated) or in a hexagonal shape in green (202cm x 186cm x 46cm/60cm when inflated).Under £30
Intex Mystic Unicorn Spray Pool

Amazon UK Any unicorn-obsessed little ones will love this
Who doesn’t want a unicorn sleeping in the garden? Setting you back just under £17, this mythical creature has secret powers: it’s a paddling pool with sprinkler (just attach it to the hose).
Perfect for splashing around, it comes in the size of 2.72m x 1.93m x 1.04m.
Asda also sells a very similar paddling pool, but it’s slightly more expensive setting you back £18.
Chad Valley Ocean Lagoon Pool

Argos This pool comfortable fits a family of four
This lagoon paddling pool is a hit with reviewers, who say it’s bigger than it looks – it comfortably fits a family of four.
You can even blow it up by mouth, which is handy. It comes with a width of 157cm and depth of 262cm.Bestway Family Fun Pool

This bargain pool is available in B&Q for £25
This Bestway inflatable pool from B&Q comes with two seats, two head rests and two cup holders to put your drinks in.
It is suitable for children aged six and older, holds 152 litres of water and has a width of 213cm.
Argos and Very.co.uk are both selling exactly the same swimming pool but for double the price, so this is a real bargain.
Chad Valley Activity Pool Play Centre

Argos Your kids may never leave this pool once you’ve put it up
This paddling pool has a sprinkler, slide and ball pit, which also doubles as a second pool if there are more children around.
Kids may want to spend all day in it once inflated – however, note that inflating does take more time than you expect, according to reviewers.
It has a water capacity of 109 litres and a depth of 259cm.Intex Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Asda The four-seater pool went down swimmingly after it was first released at Asda
This sell-out pool comes with four seats, backrests and two drink holders – and it proved really popular the first time it went on sale at Asda.
It comes in a blue and white design and is 229cm in width and depth.
Under £75
Playtive Junior Kids’ Adventure Paddling Pools

Lidl The jungle set comes with lots of inflatable animals, a snake archway, a slide, balls and hoops
For an extra fiver, you can get adventure-themed kids’ paddling pools at Lidl – and they look like a lot of fun.
One is shaped like a pirate ship, while the other has a jungle theme and comes with inflatable animals and a slide.
They also come with an inflatable water sprayer so kids can shoot each other.
The jungle set is 2.97m long while the pirate ship is 3.4m – so there’s lots of space for little ones to make a splash.
You’ll have to hold off a little while though, as the pools go on sale in the “Middle of Lidl” aisle in stores only from Sunday, May 19.
JoJo Paddling Pool

JoJo Maman Bebe Protect your toddlers from the sunshine with this pool
This pop-up paddling pool assembles instantly in the back garden – or on your next camping holiday.
It has a UPF 50+ cover for shade and comes with a handy carry bag. It has a diameter of 96.5cm.Paddling Pool Bestway Splash-in-Shade

ManoMano This Bestway pool comes with a sunroof
For those with a bigger budget, this pool comes with a sunroof and water sprinklers – simply connect it to the garden hose.
It has a diameter of 244cm, meaning it’s big enough for the whole family.Chad Valley Bouncy House and Pool

Argos This paddling pool includes a slide and bouncy castle
Who needs a soft play centre when you can transform your backyard into one with this bouncy castle-meets-paddling pool? There’s even a slide.
It comes with a depth of 300cm and has a water capacity of 65 litres.
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