When is the next General Election, and are we likely to see a snap election?

When is the next General Election, and are we likely to see a snap election?

With Brexit negotiation fumbling, divisions growing over the Irish border, and arguments over a second referendum, we could see polls opening much sooner.
Here’s what you need to know about the next time the UK goes to the polls, and the factors that could trigger a snap election…
PA:Press Association Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to topple the government with a vote of no confidence
When is the next General Election?
The next general election in the United Kingdom is scheduled for 5 May 2022, under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011.
But, just as we saw in 2017, elections can be triggered sooner than expected, especially with the spectre of Brexit on the horizon.
The breakaway new Independent Group would win one in seven of the country’s votes in a general election.
The first opinion poll on the fledgling new alliance of centrist MPs put them on a shock 14 per cent yesterday.
What could cause a snap election?
Rumours had been swirling around Westminster that officials were considering another snap vote in June – after Mrs May seals off a Brexit deal.
But after three Conservative MPs quit over the handling of Britain’s exit from the EU, badly denting the Government’s tiny majority, the prospect of another poll looked increasingly likely.
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Labour MP David Lammy agreed with his sentiment.
He said:  This story is designed to scare the s**t out of MP colleagues in Leave seats in the hope they will vote for May’s deal.
“Let’s hope they can see through it.”
Sajid Javid said yesterday the public “would never forgive us” for holding yet another election at the current time.
The news came as a new poll showed a huge lead for the Tories of seven per cent.
Before she decided to call 2017’s disastrous snap poll, the Conservatives were also sailing ahead.
AP:Associated Press Theresa May has already seen off a vote of no confidence in her own leadership


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