When is pancake day UK and why is it called Shrove Tuesday?

When is pancake day UK and why is it called Shrove Tuesday?

Bring on the pancakes (Picture: Tjahjono Soekardjk/Getty Images/EyeEm)Alright guys – we made it through January and Valentine’s day in one piece, and our reward, aka Pancake Day, is blissfully soon.
Woman’s ‘fully loaded English Brekki’ does not go down wellPancake Day isn’t on a fixed date though, so you’d be well within your rights to have absolutely no idea what day it’s supposed to be on this year.
Never fear however, for we have the answers you seek…

Phwoooar (Picture: laurileesmaa/Getty Images/RooM RF)When is Pancake Day 2019?
Pancake Day will fall on Tuesday 5 March this year, which means that Ash Wednesday will be 6 March, and Easter will be Sunday 21 April.
What is Pancake Day?
Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday if you’re feeling fancy, is the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent in the Christian calendar.
Why is it called Shrove Tuesday?
Strove, which is the past tense of shrive, means to present yourself to a priest for confession, penance, and therefore, absolution.
The idea is that people are supposed to eat all of the rich foods in their cupboard, like pancakes for example, to help them prepare to start fasting, which these days, usually translates to giving up just one edible vice like chocolate or sweets.
This lasts for 40 days, which is supposed to represent how long Jesus fasted in the wilderness.
What ingredients do you need to make pancakes?
The ingredients in pancakes are also said to represent the four pillars of the Christian faith:

Milk for purity
Eggs for creation
Flour for sustenance
Salt for wholesomeness

Hungry yet? (Photographer: Eakachai Leesin / EyeEm / Getty Images)Why does the date of Pancake Day change every year?
Shrove Tuesday falls on the seventh week before Easter, the date of which also changes every year because, rather than being on a set date, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or just after the vernal equinox.
With that in mind, Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25 for Western Churches, and before April 4 and May 8 for the Eastern Churches.
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