When is Hunter Owen leaving EastEnders and will he escape from prison?

When is Hunter Owen leaving EastEnders and will he escape from prison?

TEENAGE psychopath Hunter Owen is currently incarcerated for shooting and killing his mum’s bigamist husband Ray Kelly.
But is this really the end for the character? Let’s find out…
BBC Press Handout Hunter Owen has been played by Charlie Winter 
When is Hunter Owen leaving EastEnders?
It’s no secret that actor Charlie Winter who plays Hunter in EastEnders is leaving the soap.
It was revealed in January 2019 that the young actor had been written out of the show, despite being involved in one of the biggest storylines of the year.
A show source told the Daily Star Sunday: “It’s been decided that it’s the end of the road for Hunter. Producers don’t feel there is anywhere else for the character to go.”
The axing came as a shock to fans as – at the time – they were watching Hunter and mum Mel Owen cover up the murder of violent Ray Kelly.
Hunter shot the villain as he threatened to kill Mel, after kidnapping Hunter and locking him in the boot of a car.
The source added: “Bosses are staying tight-lipped on exactly how Hunter exits Walford, but after he shot Ray dead over New Year it promises to be dramatic.
“Hunter will be on our screens for a while yet and there is still a lot more drama to come as he and his mum face the fallout from his actions.”
But it was also revealed that Charlie had already filmed his final scenes and with EastEnders filming about six weeks in advance, Hunter’s exit is imminent.
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Will Hunter Owen escape from prison in EastEnders?
There’s not been any hint that Hunter could escape from prison and the teen actually seems quite calm and collected about being locked up.
He coolly told Mel that he would kill again and again if anyone went for her like Ray did, leaving Mel visibly shocked.
She had already been worrying about her son after discovering he’d kept the gun that shot Ray and then dug the body up with barely any emotion to retrieve the bullet.
Mel even considered turning him in herself before deciding that fleeing Walford was the best plan.
But after turning to Jack Branning for help, she was left fuming when he turned them in, saying it was for Hunter’s own good.
While Hunter might not be planning to escape jail, Mel promised that she would be on the outside fighting to get him out after she signed Hunter’s confession which stated she had nothing to do with the killing.
EastEnders’ Hunter Owen horrifies mum Mel by digging up dead stepdad Ray Kelly


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