What’s the point of Ukip? It’s just a dustbin for extremists and thugs

What's the point of Ukip? It's just a dustbin for extremists and thugs

WHAT’S the point of Ukip now, other than as a club for thugs, racists and assorted idiots?
Millions protesting about Brexit can back Nigel Farage’s new and vastly more serious and professional outfit.
Getty Images – Getty Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin tweeted that he ‘wouldn’t even rape’ MP Jess Phillips
Ukip, by contrast, offers candidates such as Carl Benjamin, a self-satisfied misogynist oaf who believes his obnoxious “jokes” about raping Labour MP Jess Phillips are part of some noble stand for anti-PC free speech.
It employs as an adviser “Tommy ­Robinson”, the criminal yob who stirs up hate against Muslims while masquerading as a fearless truth-seeker.
Ukip is a dustbin for extremists and conspiracy theory cranks. Abandoning it was Farage’s smartest move yet.
Suicide pact
STAYING permanently in the EU’s customs union after Brexit IS worse than our ­current deal. Liam Fox is right about that.
Why? Because leaving Brussels’ political structures, and losing our voice there, only makes sense if we are ­economically independent too. Without that we are hobbled — and must powerlessly swallow EU diktats forever.
BBC Pictures’ Digital Picture Eurocrats mocked our PM, fly-on-the-wall documentary Brexit: Behind Closed Doors revealed
Some deluded MPs consider this a “compromise” to appease Remain’s 48 per cent (as if they would have thrown Leavers a bone had THEY won). In fact it is an insane and unsustainable position for an economy the size of ours and a nation as eurosceptic as we are.
Indeed Labour adopting it as policy must be a ruse by its Remain wing to ensure a deal so bad even Leavers long for the past.
Cleaner Britain
HOW many teachers have told their class that, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, Britain has been powered for a week without burning ANY coal?
Or that we have cut our carbon emissions more than any other G20 nation?
Alamy Live News Hysterical Extinction Rebellion mobs who brought our capital to a standstill with their antics
Or that, by contrast, China is considering building a new coal-fired power plant every FORTNIGHT until 2030?
Vanishingly few. Instead, leftie teachers tell kids Tory-run Britain is a filthy polluter, frying the planet. No wonder children flock to hysterical eco marches.
And our cowed Government makes ­matters worse, telling clueless “Extinction Rebellion” mobs they have a point.
On the environment, Britain is doing its best . . . and better than most.Who will tell our young people?
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Strong signal
THE warning couldn’t be clearer.
America may cut military co-operation and UK investment if we let China’s Huawei build our 5G network, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
AP:Associated Press Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned against letting China’s Huawei build our 5G network
Which ought to settle the debate over whether it’s a bad idea, even for someone as stubborn as Theresa May.
Gavin Williamson wasn’t wrong to worry.
‘Nazi pug yob’ Mark Meechan says ‘it’s ok to joke about rape’ after sick stand up routine in front of UKIP party conference


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