What would happen if Britain extends Article 50 and what will this mean for Brexit?

What will happen if Britain extends Article 50 and what will this mean for Brexit?

THERESA May has been forced to accept that Britain may not leave the European Union on March 29.
The Prime Minister still insists that she doesn’t want a delay, but if one is needed it will be “as short as possible”.
PA:Press Association Britain is still set to leave the EU on March 29, with or without a Brexit deal
What will happen if Britain extends Article 50?
Extending Article 50 would give Parliament more time to finalise a deal.
As it stands, Britain is still set to leave the EU on March 29, with or without a Brexit deal.
Britain can withdraw Article 50 without seeking permission from EU officials, and the UK will stay in the EU.
But to extend, Mrs May will have to go to Brussels and  formally ask EU officials for the process to be extended -and all 27 other EU countries will need to agree.
Tory former Chancellor Ken Clarke said he wanted to congratulate the Prime Minister on “accepting that we’re not remotely ready for the chaos of a no-deal departure on March 29”.
British taxpayers would also face paying double its EU divorce bills if we stayed for an extra four months, The Sun has revealed.
Officials could even sanction an extension of at least two years – which would bring the overall price tag to an eye-watering £78billion.
British taxpayers face paying double its EU divorce bill MPs vote to delay Brexit this week.
Brussels is expected to slap an extra £6.5billion on top of the agreed £39billion pay-offif we stay for an extra four months.
But officials are likely to sanction an extension of at least two years – which will bring the overall price tag to an eye-watering £78billion.
Furious Brexiteers warned on Saturday night that suspending Article 50 beyond March 29 departure date would rob public services of much needed cash.
Tory MP Esther McVey said: “Not only is extending Article 50 a betrayal of the British public, it is a hugely expensive betrayal.
“That money would be far better spent on our police, our prisons locking up those who commit knife crimes and our hard-pressed schools.”
AP:Associated Press The alternative UK-EU divorce date, according to rumours, is April 18
What will this mean for Brexit?
Brexit might still take place on March 29 this year, but only if MPs accept her Brexit deal.
On March 12, MPs are set to take part in the second “meaningful vote”, giving them a chance to back or reject her proposals.
If MPs reject her plans, Parliament will take a vote on whether to delay Brexit.
Tonight, March 12 MPs will vote on May’s new meaningful vote. If this is passed, the UK will leave the EU.
If Parliament rejects the deal, they will hold a further vote on whether to crash out of the EU with a No Deal.
That’s due to take place on March 13.
BUT, if that is also rejected, there’ll be yet another vote on March 14 on whether to delay Brexit by extending Article 50.
If that fails, the UK will also leave the EU without a deal.
An amendment tabled by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, designed to pin the PM down by placing her promise in a motion approved by Parliament, was passed by a majority of 482 – with 20 Tory hardliners opposing it.
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK citizens could find themselves subjected to longer waits at the border and exclusion from the use of e-gates for passport checks, official Government documents have said.
Signifiant EU export tariffs on beef, lamb and motor vehicles could also be introduced.
The alternative UK-EU divorce date, according to rumours, is April 18, Maundy Thursday.
Other rumoured dates lie at the end of May or June.
Any extension beyond the end of June would require the UK to take part in the upcoming European Parliament elections, while a shorter delay “would almost certainly have to be a one-off”, Mrs May said.
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Supporters and opponents of an extension believe it could lead to a second referendum.
French leader Emmanuel Macron has said the EU would agree to extend the deadline beyond March 29, but only if Britain had a good enough reason to do so.
But Mrs May will have to go to Brussels to ask EU officials and all 27 EU countries to agree on an extension.
Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer defends Jeremy Corbyn’s support for a second referendum

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