What is the point of the police if they’re not going to arrest crooks?

What is the point of the police if they’re not going to arrest crooks?

Lost the plod
ANOTHER day, another sign that police chiefs have lost the plot.
Getty Images – Getty The police have allowed eco toffs to run riot this week
Allowing eco toffs to run riot for the best part of a week is one thing.
But barely bothering to investigate crime is a step beyond even that dereliction of duty. What is the point of the plod if they’re not trying to nick crooks?
The shock figures we reveal today, with almost one in three crimes meriting only a single phone call, are a damning indictment of policing.
Thieves and burglars aren’t stupid. They’ll know they won’t be caught so they act with impunity.
It’s no surprise that, with the police failing to pursue criminals, kids are mimicking them.
Sajid Javid has talked a fantastic game on cracking down on violent crime.
But there’s still no sign that the virtue-signalling publicity stunts are coming to an end, nor is cash being diverted from politically correct hate speech investigations towards keeping the streets safe.
They still seem more interested in sick twitter jokes than your front room.
Top cops need to let frontline officers do what they went into the force to do.
Catch criminals.
Fearless Lyra
THE TRAGIC death of Lyra McKee shows there is no room for complacency in Northern Ireland.
AP:Associated Press The blame for Lyra’s death lies with the terrorists, and the terrorists alone but we must restore faith in Northern Ireland’s political process
Everybody who worked with her speaks of a fearless, brave and exceptional journalist. Hers is a terrible loss.
The blame for her death lies with the terrorists, and the terrorists alone.
But we must restore faith in the political process in Northern Ireland. It has been more than two years since the Assembly was suspended and there has been scant progress in restoring it.
Resolving that impasse would go a long way to forming a healthier debate between Westminster and Dublin over Brexit, too.
Northern Ireland is a valuable part of our Union. It cannot be forgotten.
Kick out trolls
HERE’S to the footballers boycotting social media.
Alamy More needs to be done to stop online trolls
The tech giants have sat idly by while their platforms become pits of racist abuse, with online trolls hurling insult after insult from anonymous accounts, all from the safety of their sofa.
And when anyone demands action, Silicon Valley’s finest hide behind codes of conduct and turn a blind eye.
The silence of our finest footballers must be a wake-up call.
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Easter Sunny
TO OUR readers, a Happy Easter.
And it’s always a better break with The Sun . . .
So enjoy the weather.
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