What is Eating Disorders Awareness week 2019 and what support is available?

What is Eating Disorders Awareness week 2019 and what support is available?

EATING Disorders Awareness Week is an international event which aims to raise awareness about the stigma.
Charities across the world are trying to encourage people from all walks of life to come forward. Here’s what you need to know.
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What is Eating Disorders Week?
Eating Disorders Awareness Week is taking place from February 25 until March 3.
Organisations will be dispelling myths around what makes different disorders and how they can be tackled.
UK charity BEAT said they often hear that people find it difficult to reach out because they “don’t fit eating disorder stereotypes”.
With the awareness week they hope to “break down barriers”, so people can get the help they need.
Describing the even ton their website, BEAT said: “This Eating Disorders Awareness Week help us put stories of how eating disorders affect people from all walks of life in the spotlight and stand together to demand the support that those affected need and deserve.”
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What support is available?
On Wednesday February 27, BEAT urges Brits to challenge their MP and get them o board to take action against eating disorders.

Sufferers and loved ones who have witnessed those with disorders have  been encouraged to share their stories.

Those who do will be offered guidance and advice on the different types of disorders, and what to look out for.



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