What are Jeremy Corbyn’s views on Brexit and why has Labour flip-flopped?

What are Jeremy Corbyn's views on Brexit and why has Labour flip-flopped?

JEREMY Corbyn insists he accepts the 2016 referendum result for Britain to leave the European Union.
But Mr Corbyn believes there needs to be another public vote for people to express if the final deal is what they voted for. Is this what he has always said?
EPA Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in north London
What are Jeremy Corbyn’s views on Brexit?
The Labour leader has backed a second referendum on Brexit.
On February 25 2019, the leftie boss U-turned on his promise to respect the result of the historic 2016 vote and vowed that his party would get behind another one, despite around 4.5million Labour voters backing Brexit.
He said if Theresa May’s Brexit deal gets through Parliament “there must be a confirmatory public vote”.
Map showing all the Labour-held constituencies where voters backed Leave in the 2016 referendum
Speaking in the Commons, Mr Corbyn said: “The Prime Minister’s botched deal provides no certainty or guarantees for the future and was comprehensively rejected by this House.
“We cannot risk our country’s industry and people’s livelihoods and so if it somehow does pass in some form at a later stage, we believe there must be a confirmatory public vote to see if people feel it is what they voted for.”Why has Labour flip-flopped?
Labour MPs have lashed out at Corbyn for his support to overturn the referendum.
He previously resisted all attempts to reverse the Brexit result, ignoring
The shift in policy, which would see voters asked to decide between a deal and remaining in the EU, won plaudits from Remain-supporting MPs but led to warnings of electoral disaster in some of Labour’s heartlands.
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The move is widely believed to be a move to keep MPs on side and stop more from leaving to join the pro-EU Independent Group.
Seven Labour MPs quit to join the new group, all of whom have supported a referendum.
Ten times Jeremy Corbyn’s team spoke out against a second referendum on Brexit – before backing it


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