Wetherspoon diner spots menu gaffe where meal deal doesn’t save you any cash

Wetherspoon diner spots menu gaffe where meal deal doesn't save you any cash

A WETHERSPOON pub has been accused of ripping off customers after a menu gaffe may have left some out of pocket by as much as £2.71.
The branch was running a two-for-£9.89 meal deal even though it’s cheaper to buy most of the dishes separately.
2 The menu gaffe meant that it was actually cheaper to buy the meals separately
A beady-eyed customer spotted the mistake on the menu at the Duke of Wellington branch in Minehead, Somerset.
The cheapest meal on the menu was for the small ham, egg and chips platter that cost £3.59 for one, or £7.18 for two.
But if the customer opted for the deal that would mean an over payment of £2.71.
Wetherspoon reportedly says it will only charge the lower individual prices if that’s cheaper than the deal – but it might be worth watching out for this if you’re dining out.
2 The Duke of Wellington Hotel in Minehead had the mistake on its menu
Most of the other meals on the menu, including the small fish and chips, cottage pie and the five-bean chilli cost £4.10 each.
That means with the deal customers could be paying up to an extra £1.79 for their dinner.
The only dish that the deal seemed worthwhile is the steak and kidney pudding that costs £5.75 for one, meaning you’d save £1.61 in the deal.
How to find the cheapest Wetherspoon pricesPRICES for the pub chain vary massively – we know, we did the research.
But there is some good news for fans of the boozer.
Download the Wetherspoon app to your phone and check prices at your locals before setting off.
That way you’re always guaranteed to find the cheapest menu.

You can also get the “deal” on the Wetherspoon app too but here customers aren’t charged extra if their food is below £9.89.
The issue, which was spotted by customer Paul Kendrick on Sunday afternoon, was first reported by SomersetLive.
A spokesperson for Wetherspoon told the publication that it was an “anomaly” and that it would fix the issue as soon as possible.
He said: “This is an anomaly and we will address this. The tills at the pub will only charge the lower individual prices to give the best deal, even if two meals are ordered.”
The Sun has contacted Wetherspoon for a response and we’ll update this story as soon as we get one.
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