Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: What game should Nintendo remake next?

Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: What game should Nintendo remake next?

You know what, this is probably going to be a Zelda-heavy Hot Topic. From the outside looking in, Oracle Of Ages and Seasons looked interesting to me. Could they be combined into one more convenient adventure?
However, what would be even more interesting for me is a full fat remake for Majora’s Mask. Yeah, I know, it got a remaster for the 3DS – but that was just a lick of paint. No, what is needed is a complete overhaul of the graphics as well as adding and altering content.
I have enjoyed watching the Zero Punctuation reviews by Yahtzee Croshaw, mostly for the entertainment value. But he raised a very fair point when it came to the Majora remaster: the poor quality of the character models mean they can barely convey any emotion. And Majora’s Mask is all about emotional depth. Imagine if it had the cel-shading of Wind Waker! We could see the heartbreak on his face when Cremia looks on him as a child, the tears of joy during the Anju and Kafei reunion, or how much more powerful the scene between Pamela and her father could be!
Then there’s more substantial gameplay content. The game needs at least two more major dungeons. The sub-bosses are all good, but apart from Goht in the Snowhead Temple, all the main bosses are poor to underwhelming. Which is shocking for a Zelda game. Then there’s the Moon, the last dungeon. Which tries to be like Ganon’s Tower from the previous game where it tests your skills with the transformation masks as well as with all Link’s wonderful toys. But it is somewhat rough around the edges and not as satisfying as what we got at the end of Ocarina Of Time.
I wouldn’t get rid of it altogether, as it still has a lot of merit. But the first room, where it tests the Deku mask, is the weakest. You just glide across a large chasm, stopping along the way to launch yourself back up in the air with the flower launchers. Where was the pond-hopping ability? Using your magic? Would it not be better to work your up towards your goal?
The Goron room is actually very good but makes me swear the most. Rolling around in your ball form is always fun, but perhaps it could be made easier? Or is that blasphemy?
The Zora room, which is a fast flume ride where you have to pick the right turns to get you to your destination ends too quickly and is too much trial and error. Maybe that could be turned into a maze?
I personally have no problem with the final room, which looks a lot like the Stone Tower Temple. You shoot a few targets, blow up some stuff, and fight a giant Garo ninja. Classic Zelda fare.
Please don’t change that beautiful end sequence, one of the best ever in gaming. There you go, then. Does that sound good?DMR


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