We have sunk to a new low — the course of Brexit may have just been decided by a convicted criminal

We have sunk to a new low — the course of Brexit may have just been decided by a convicted criminal

NOT even the expenses scandal saw ­Parliament sink this low.
A Bill to block Brexit — championed by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, who ­solemnly swore to her constituents she would NEVER do such a thing — passes by a single vote.
PA:Press Association/PA Images Our fate has just been decided by a convicted criminal – the Bill to block Brexit was passed by a single vote belonging to Fiona Onasanya, not long out of prison
That vote belonging to jailed liar Fiona Onasanya, not long out of prison wearing an ankle tag and under a curfew.
And so the course of Brexit and our nation’s history may have been decided by the whim of a convicted criminal who, in our view, has no right still to be an MP and is likely to be sacked in shame by voters within weeks.
The Sun Says predicted just this on February 28.
“Imagine if our country’s future came down to one MP’s vote,” we wrote. “Imagine if it belonged to an ex-con, freshly released from prison for dishonesty, still wearing an ankle tag in the Commons chamber.
“If Fiona Onasanya plays any influential role in Brexit votes, or any others, it will be the last straw for our democracy’s credibility.”
But she did. And it is.
Cooper’s Bill is the most blatant betrayal yet of 17.4million Leavers.
She dresses it up as an earnest attempt to avert the No Deal she fears, by ordering the PM to beg for a delay. In fact it is an ill-disguised ruse to buy her Remainer colleagues time to kill Brexit via a biased second referendum stitched up by the Europhile establishment.
It was already a constitutional outrage to give Cooper and chinless Tory Oliver Letwin time to table it. Worse still that it was bulldozed through the Commons with indecent haste in one day.
MPs complain they are “exhausted and stressed” by Brexit. But Remainers found ample energy and stamina to thwart it in the small hours.
And how they celebrated after welching on their manifestos and promises to constituents, to block the No Deal they put into law by voting for Article 50.
A No Deal which most voters, according to polls, would choose over No Brexit. One which terrifies the Westminster Remainer bubble but holds no fear for many millions outside the M25 who never thought Brexit meant much else.
These spineless, shifty MPs deserve their bucketloads of criticism. How poetic, then, that their Commons antics were prematurely ended yesterday by water bucketing down from the roof.
Even nature has had enough.
Shamed MP Fiona Onasanya begs voters to let her keep her job as she faces being booted out of Parliament
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Phil the fool
IS Philip Hammond trying to destroy the Tories once and for all?
Only this tin-eared Remainer clown could claim a second referendum is a “perfectly credible proposition” while knowing how suicidal it is both for his party and the country’s stability.
Hammond is the worst Chancellor in living memory. Whoever replaces Theresa May must spend their first two seconds firing him.
PA:Press Association Philip Hammond sparked fury by saying he believes a second referendum is a ‘credible’ idea
Chancellor Philip Hammond hints he could back second referendum on Brexit


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