Watch Dogs 3 – dystopian sequel ‘set in post-Brexit London’ to be revealed at E3 next week

Watch Dogs 3 - dystopian sequel 'set in post-Brexit London' to be revealed at E3 next week

AN ACTION game is set to stir up controversy when it’s revealed at E3 next week – because it’s set in a “near future, dystopian version of London” in a “post-Brexit world”.
Reports of a leaked Amazon listing, later confirmed by the publisher on Twitter, indicate that the game, Watch Dogs Legion, will also let gamers control anyone they meet.
3 Rumours suggest Watch Dogs might be moving from San Franciso to ‘post-Brexit’ BritainCredit: Ubisoft
Legion will be the third Watch Dogs game, and will be revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference next week.
The Watch Dogs games have set up players as anti-establishment hackers, using security forces’ technology against them.
Previous versions of the game were set in fictionalised versions of Chicago and San Francisco.
“London makes total sense for [Watch Dogs], as the city has one of the highest surveillance levels in the world making this the perfect playground,” according to the listing.
In the game’s world, “society, politics and technology have changed and altered London’s fortunes” after Brexit happens.
The games have previously been set in GTA-like open worlds, where players are free to travel around on foot or in vehicles and create havoc however they wish.
3 Both earlier games gave you lots of high-tech tricks to deal with your enemies, along with more traditional methods
Earlier rumours had suggested that the series was going to come to London for the third game in the series, with use of guns seriously toned down from the US-set versions.
Previous games’ use of firearms had been criticised by fans and critics, with many saying the alternative high-tech methods for dealing with foes were significantly more engaging.
It’s being made by Ubisoft Montreal, who are responsible for the main games in the Assassin’s Creed series as well as the Far Cry, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six franchises.
The listing also makes an intriguing gameplay promise, claiming rather than just controlling a single character, you can “play as anyone.”
“Every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals,” the listing says.
In the first two games you could ‘scan’ any character you saw and get information on them supposedly gathered from surveillance and online tracking.
This was generated by the game every time, allowing players to scan as many people as they wanted and never see the same information twice.
It is suggested by Eurogamer that the game will effectively let you recruit anyone to your hacking group, then play as them.
Playing as different characters will cause missions in the game to change.
3 The first game in the series was set in a fictional version of Chicago
We don’t know exactly when Watch Dogs Legion might come out, but Ubisoft had previously confirmed it had a number of unannounced big-budget games set for release before the end of March 2020.
If the rumours are true then expect more on Monday evening next week.
Ubisoft’s annual E3 show kicks off at 9 p.m. UK time, and you will also be able to watch it online.
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The E3 festivities kick off in Los Angeles on Saturday, with Microsoft’s briefing on Sunday expected to bring news of the Xbox 2 and their latest in cloud gaming technology.
Sony aren’t attending this year, however, so don’t hold your breath for PS5 updates.
Sun Gaming will be at the show, to stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

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