Voting down Theresa May’s deal doesn’t lead to No Deal — it leads to No Brexit, no democracy, no power in the world

Voting down Theresa May's deal doesn’t lead to No Deal — it leads to No Brexit, no democracy, no power in the world

Riskiest punt
THE definition of optimism is the Leave-backing MP who believes he can defeat Theresa May’s deal tomorrow and Brexit will still turn out fine.
Because it doesn’t matter now how much the majority of voters want Brexit in full, with No Deal if necessary.
PRU Voting down Theresa May’s deal doesn’t lead to No Deal – it leads to No Brexit
Parliament’s Remainer majority no longer cares what Leavers want. If they did, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
Some Remainer MPs will back Mrs May’s deal, knowing it’s doomed. It will be their last remotely pro-Brexit act.
Once they see Leave MPs pass up perhaps their last chance to secure our exit they will pretend they have done their best by the 17.4million majority and set about defying their will more openly.
We wish it were otherwise, but voting down the deal doesn’t lead to No Deal.
It leads to Mrs May begging the EU for help which it will not supply because it wants Brexit reversed at any cost.
Palestinian Embassy Tunisia A memorial wreath in his hand, Jeremy Corbyn stands feet from the graves of terror leaders linked to the Munich Massacre
It leads to the panicked postponement of Article 50, then the softest possible Brexit — unrecognisable to Leavers — or a second referendum the Establishment will do its utmost to skew for Remain.
It leads to the upending of our democracy, the possible collapse of the Tory party and the world’s fifth biggest economy then being handed over to Marxists and Communists who loathe the West and back anti-Semitic terrorists.
Such mayhem should petrify everyone. But especially Leave-backing Tories.
Yet they are poised to reject a deal which, while very far from perfect, they would have gladly taken had it been offered up before the 2016 referendum.
They must think again.
Reddie cash
ONE thing unites many of Corbyn’s top team: they are rolling in inherited wealth.
Take Laura Murray, one of the few self-styled enemies of “the bourgeoisie” who is descended from aristocracy and whose mother sold a Picasso for £50million.
Champagne Corbynista Laura Murray’s family sold a Picasso for £50million
Or millionaire Seumas Milne, whose papa ran the BBC and sent him to one of Britain’s priciest public schools.
Or Corbyn himself, raised in a country manor and sent to prep school.
Never having experienced poverty, these super-rich poseurs consider it romantic and noble rather than a trap to be escaped through opportunity.
Their failed ideology would turn that poverty into squalor and early graves.
Getty – Contributor Corbyn’s spin doctor Seumas Milne is a millionaire whose father ran the BBC
But what would these phoney class warriors care? It will never touch them.
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Brits no more
WE welcome Sajid Javid stripping more terrorist brides of UK citizenship.
They deserve nothing from the country they and their genocidal IS husbands swore to overthrow. Yes, it is tragic Shamima Begum’s third baby Jarah died. But Britain is not to blame.
Her son’s death is no one’s fault but hers and the monsters she flew out to join.
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