Voters in the EU election sent a clear and harsh message to mainstream parties — a plague on ALL your houses

Voters in the EU election sent a clear and harsh message to mainstream parties — a plague on ALL your houses

THE Tories and Labour knew the European results were going to be painful. But the results overnight were a disaster for both.
The Conservatives have been battered. But Labour didn’t administer that kicking — instead they lost votes everywhere from Britain’s industrial heartlands to North London’s organic groceries.
AFP or licensors The ballots battered the Conservatives and Labour and the message is clear
The message is clear: A plague on all your houses. And the lessons the parties should learn are equally obvious.
For the Tories, it is that they have no God-given right to power. And their failure to deliver Brexit could be their death knell unless they get on the right track, sharpish.
The leadership battle is already doing them serious damage as it turns all too quickly into a circular firing squad.
We’ve got nothing against bright youngsters like Rory Stewart taking a punt at the premiership, but having a pop at colleagues on day one won’t help rebuild the party’s battered reputation.
But that’s nothing compared to the current Chancellor threatening to bring down the Government if a new leader pushes for a clean-break Brexit, even if his party’s MPs and members vote for exactly that.
The European results are a blunt reminder to Hammond that failing to deliver is far from endearing
If Hammond hasn’t clocked that failing to deliver the referendum result isn’t endearing the party to voters, these European results are a blunt reminder.
Everybody who fancies the top job needs to explain, in detail, their Brexit plan. And if they win, the party MUST deliver it. No ifs, no buts.
Winning back Brexit Party voters is vital, but so is moving on from the referendum and pushing forward with a revitalised domestic programme.
As for Labour? All that game-playing in Westminster hasn’t done them much good.
But they still haven’t learnt.
Emily Thornberry’s reaction to the Brexit Party’s streaking triumph around the country was to come out in favour of a second referendum.
Working people have abandoned this prehistoric party and their dinosaur leader in droves.
The European elections should never have happened. We should be out of the EU by now.
For the Government, time could not be more pressing. A new leader can restore some faith in our politics, and take on Corbyn’s Marxists.
The Tories need a quick contest, and a leader with a proper mandate. Anything else risks annihilation.
Hard to swallow
THE NHS is there for all of us when we need it.
But that doesn’t mean you can just abandon personal responsibility and demand taxpayers will bail you out.
Phil Penman Paul Mason, the World’s former heaviest man, may well have pushed our sympathy to breaking point
On that point, Paul Mason has pushed our sympathy to breaking point.
And we worry the sense of entitlement that he displays when he opens his mouth is becoming 21st century Britain’s disease.
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