Vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party this week before Boris Johnson zips into No10

Vote for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party this week before Boris Johnson zips into No10

A FRIEND of mine was so disgusted by Theresa May’s broken Brexit promises he ripped up his voting card for Thursday’s EU elections.
Big mistake. This was his chance — and it is yours — to take a free swipe at the wreckers who sabotaged his 2016 Brexit vote and the democratic mandate of 17.4million like-minded Leavers.
Boris Johnson is the clear favourite to zip in as the new Tory leader
If we are going to blow £160million of hard-earned taxpayers’ cash on a useless election, we might as well use it to send a serious message to our useless MPs.
This week’s poll could deliver the loudest wake-up call since The Sun’s famous “Up Yours Delors” front page.
We urged readers to face east at noon on November 1, 1990, and “bawl at Gaul”. In a pincer movement, we invaded Brussels with an armoured car full of Page Three girls and put paid to the UK joining the disastrous euro.
This week, the 52 per cent who voted Leave can do the same and tell out-of-step Remainers to stop messing around and deliver Brexit.
Labour’s smarmy “Sir” Keir Starmer wants a second referendum.
So let’s give him one, by using this EU poll as a REAL in-out vote, not a sly stitch-up designed to turn 2016 on its head. The European Parliament is by any measure a scandalous waste of time and public money, a TWO BILLION euro gravy train with no power, no voice and zero accountability.
Eurosceptic Britain has always treated its five-year election cycle with the contempt it deserves, with barely one in three bothering to vote at all.
This time it will be worth £160million if the great British public uses it to show our contempt for our own blinkered and arrogant Parliament.
That rules out a vote for crooked Labour, cheating Lib Dems, the Green Party, the SNP or that CHuk-UP lot.
We need to take the trouble, turn up at the polling station and put our cross on Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.
There is a risk, of course.
They will vote Farage solely to deliver a kick in the pants to their own party, and to Theresa May in particular
Countless thousands of true-blue Tories plan to make this a one-off. They will vote Farage solely to deliver a kick in the pants to their own party, and to Theresa May in particular.
They intend to return to the Tory fold under a new leader — with Boris Johnson favourite by a mile — and a clear and unequivocal promise to leave the EU.
All this places a huge burden on BoJo’s shoulders.
He is both the Tory Party’s greatest hope — and their greatest danger.
The ex-Foreign Secretary is deeply distrusted by fellow Tory MPs. They would choose almost any rival candidate, except for one thing — fear of losing their seats.
A general election at some point in the next 12 months is probably unavoidable. Boris is a uniquely feelgood politician. He is a proven winner who lights up a room and brings a smile to people’s faces — although his warmest fans live on tenterhooks, worrying about his next zip-wire escapade, wardrobe misadventure or bedroom folly.
Twice Mayor of Labour-leaning London, he has the capacity and charm to sweep the country, beat Farage and destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s deeply unpleasant Momentum Party.
He’s a genuinely good bloke with enough Brexit credentials to make disgruntled voters forgive the Tories and give them a second chance.
But he needs to offer more than Brexit.
He must hit the ground running with a raft of eye-catching measures — including an instant NHS cash injection to honour his red bus referendum promise.
The UK’s constipated tax structure needs reform — and an end to George Osborne’s disastrous stamp duty which has crippled the housing market and cost the Treasury money.
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The world is theoretically BoJo’s oyster. He is a man of immense talents — and enormous flaws.
He could turn out, as he has often fondly suggested, as a second Winston Churchill.
Or he could blow up on the starting grid or crash in flames at the first hairpin bend.
AFP or licensors It’s time to put our cross on Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party at the polling station
Getty Images – Getty Boris Johnson lights up a room and brings a smile to people’s faces
PA:Press Association True-blue Tories want to deliver a kick to Theresa May
PA:Press Association There needs to be an end to George Osborne’s disastrous stamp duty
Ladies’ man Bob Hawke
AUSSIE ex-PM Bob Hawke, who has died at 89, would be disgusted by his Labor Party’s defeat in Saturday’s general election.
“Hawkie”, who won four terms, was a legendary drinker, cricketer . . . and ladies’ man.
In the 1970s he ran Australia’s trade unions and Labor Party and it was my sensitive task as a Canberra reporter to give him an early-morning hotel call for a quote on the big stories.
I would apologise for interrupting the audible bedside snuffles and giggles, but as Gentleman Bob used to say: “No worries. Business before pleasure.”

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