Violent neo-Nazi movements endangering UK are driven by SATANISTS who want global race war

Violent neo-Nazi movements endangering UK are driven by SATANISTS who want global race war

DANGEROUS neo-Nazi groups which are threatening Britain have their links in a Satanic cult, The Sun can reveal.
New research has unearthed links between a string of violent far-right thugs and a Devil-worshipping group whose leader backed Osama bin Laden.
The logo of far-right Satanic cult, the Order of Nine Angles
The importance of the Order of Nine Angles was revealed by Hope Not Hate in a new report provided to The Sun.
The cult has existed for decades and originates in the Midlands – but appears to have gained a new influence in recent years by pushing its message online.
Hope Not Hate boss Nick Lowles told The Sun: “The Order of Nine Angles is the world’s most extreme satanist group and its key objective is to cause the overthrow of society, which it thinks is Jewish controlled, through chaos and disruption.
“It celebrates the most horrific sexual violence and encourages its supporters to perform ‘human cullings’ – by which it means murder.
“For many years it only had a handful of fanatical followers but the combination of the spread of the internet and growing fascination in the occult by young people means the group is growing in the UK and abroad.
“What is most worrying is that the O9A is attracting some of the most dangerous and violent far-right activists in Britain, including those who openly call for terrorism and see rape as a political tool.”
The group’s rituals include a “mass of heresy” where members chant: “We believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods to guide us to greatness.”
Leaders boast that they use Satanic beliefs as a gateway to the far right by making racism seem like another act of rebellion against society.
A key figure in the Order of Nine Angles is David Myatt, who later converted to fundamentalist Islam and spread Al Qaeda propaganda.
Several high-profile members of the extreme right are connected to O9A, Hope Not Hate revealed.
We believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods to guide us to greatnessSatanic mantra
Garron Helm, who was jailed for anti-Semitic abuse of Jewish MP Luciana Berger, had the cult’s nine-pointed symbol on his mantelpiece.
Ryan Fleming, a former member of banned National Action who was jailed for paedophilia, runs a Yorkshire branch of the group.
And O9A is linked to the Sonnenkrieg Division, a neo-Nazi organisation which started in the US and has spread across the Atlantic.
Leader Andrew Dymock is “obsessed with the occult”, according to Hope Not Hate.
Sonnenkrieg has threatened to murder Prince Harry because they say he is a “race traitor” for marrying Meghan.
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Mr Lowles said: “Most Sonnenkrieg Division followers are teenagers and people in their early 20s.
“O9A literature specifically talks about winding up young people as they will do things that older people won’t.
“The O9A cannot be dismissed as a whacky and even laughable group. The authorities must investigate them immediately.”
HOPE not hate Garron Helm was jailed for sending anti-Semitic messages to Luciana Berger
BBC O9A was previously led by David Myatt, who supported Osama bin Laden
Ryan Fleming is a key far-right activist who was jailed for paedophilia
BBC Andrew Dymock is understood to lead the Sonnenkrieg Division

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