Victoria Williamson says finally watching horror crash which almost paralysed her from neck down has brought closure

Victoria Williamson says finally watching horror crash which almost paralysed her from neck down has brought closure

VICTORIA WILLIAMSON has finally watched the horror crash which almost caused paralysis from the neck down — and admits it brought her closure.
Ahead of this week’s UCI World Track Cycling Championships, the GB star relived footage of a brutal mid-race collision which irrevocably changed her life.
Victoria Williamson was millimetres away from never walking again and at first medics told here there was no chance of returning to riding competitively
It is more than three years since Williamson came within millimetres of never walking again.
She smashed at high speed into the Rotterdam Velodrome barrier, breaking her neck and back, dislocating her pelvis and sustaining a cut to her right flank so deep it exposed her spine.
Yet it was only eight weeks ago that she plucked up the courage to observe exactly what happened when she crashed with Dutch rival Elis Ligtlee.
Williamson, 25, claims the video was stored on a laptop owned by British Cycling team doctor Richard Freeman but it had been temporarily unavailable as it was withheld during an anti-doping investigation. This is the physical scar bike star Victoria Williamson lives with – to go with the memories of a tough fight to return to the top of her sport

The Norfolk rider told SunSport: “I wanted to work out why my injuries were so bad.
But as I sat there and watched, it didn’t really feel like me. It was an out-of-body experience.
“It didn’t really have a great impact because, though I couldn’t remember anything, I knew I’d be OK.
“The crash before then had been a complete mind blank. It was only eight weeks ago that Victoria Williamson watched her horrifying, life-changing crash from three years ago
GB star Victoria Williamson said the crash changed her life forever as she spent many months recovering

“If I had watched it while lying in the hospital, with my broken bones, wearing a neck brace, it would have been a hard pill to swallow.
“But this time it gave me closure, to know what had happened in this event that changed my life.” Victoria Williamson says at first she asked ‘why me?’ but then felt she was lucky
Williamson struggled to walk unaided for several months and underwent four surgeries, including a back op which lasted eight hours.
Doctors were adamant at first she would never ride again competitively.
She said: “The surgeons showed me my injuries on a screen. They said, ‘Look, it’s two millimetres from your spinal cord’. At the time I was lying there in hospital, thinking, ‘Why me?’ The four surgeries needed are clear to see on the body of bike ace Victoria Williamson The strain of her ordeal is clear to see on the face of Victoria Williamson after her crash

“But then I realised it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I am lucky to come away and still be a fully functioning human again.”
Incredibly, after two years of intense rehab she has returned to the saddle and will wear GB colours in Poland from tomorrow in the women’s team sprint.
Williamson added: “Being selected is a dream — but to win a medal would be the icing on the cake.” Victoria Williamson shows some of what has been in her body since her collision


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