Victoria Beckham admits she drives husband David mad with her mess

Victoria Beckham admits she drives husband David mad with her mess

Victoria’s hotel room would be David’s worse nightmare (Picture: WWD/REX/Shutterstock)Victoria Beckham’s fashion mess is driving husband David mad, says the fashion designer.
The 44-year-old fashionista gave fans a sneak peek of her New York hotel suite ahead of her collaboration with Reebok – and it looks like a bit of a mess.
Panning around the room, which was strewn with towels, pillows and clothes on the floor, the former Spice Girl admitted that her rockstar looking space would drive her sportsman hubby ‘crazy’.
In 2006, David openly confessed that he suffered with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD, explaining that he has an addiction with rearranging hotel rooms and lining up cans of soft drink to make everything ‘perfect’.
Quite contrary to her husband, the trendsetter shared what looked like an empty bottle of water on a clustered bedside along with an unmade bed and cluttered counter.

David suffers with OCD, while Victoria admits to being a germaphobe (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for YouTube)Opening up about her and David’s differing cleaning habits, Victoria told the camera: ‘The chaos, one wardrobe full of clothes, another here, bit of a mess everywhere. You can see how I drive my husband crazy!
‘He’s super, super tidy whereas I’m a germaphobe everywhere has to be clean I disinfect everywhere but I am a bit messy, what can you do?…’

The former girl band star promised to give her fans the opportunity ‘to see the real her’ with a series of YouTube videos showcasing her candid family life and beauty regimes.

Continuing to open up about her messiness, Victoria added: ‘This would be giving David a panic attack, full on panic attack. I’m going to start doing some packing. It’s like Victoria Beckham threw up in here, designer clothes everywhere.’

In an interview with ITV back in 2006, David openly discussed his condition and some of his routines that he does before he can get settled in to relax.

He said: ‘I’ve got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs.

Diavid has to make everything ‘perfect’ in his hotel rooms (Picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

‘I’ll put my Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there’s one too many then I’ll put it in another cupboard somewhere.

‘I’ll go into a hotel room and before I can relax, I have to move all the leaflets and all the books and put them in a drawer. Everything has to be perfect.’

When asked about whether he wants his OCD behavior to stop he answered: ‘I would like to. I’ve tried and can’t stop.’

Beckham isn’t the only footballer to admit to suffering with the condition. Former England star Paul Gascoign admitted in 2005 that he had developed an obsession with cleanliness and wanted help for the condition.

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