Veteran ex-minister quits Labour ‘cult’ over Corbyn anti-Semitism and Brexit flip-flopping

Veteran ex-minister quits Labour 'cult' over Corbyn anti-Semitism and Brexit flip-flopping

AN ex-Labour minister quit the party today – saying Jeremy Corbyn has destroyed it by turning it into a cult.
Bridget Prentice, an MP for 18 years, attacked the leader for flip-flopping on Brexit and letting anti-Semitism fester.
Handout Former MP and minister Bridget Prentice has quit the Labour party
She claimed Labour is “no longer the party of Hardie and Attlee and Blair”, adding: “You should change its name.”
But Mr Corbyn’s team insisted she was only bitter because she was turned down for a quango job.
Ms Prentice was MP for Lewisham East until 2010 and served as a justice minister under Tony Blair.
But today she revealed she is quitting Labour after 45 years as a member, sending a damning letter to acting general secretary Karie Murphy – a close Corbyn ally.
She blasted: “Over the past three years I have watched in horror as Jewish members have begged for support against the growth of anti-Semitism both within and outwith the party.
“Mealy-mouthed words have replaced what should have been strong and determined what should have been strong and determined condemnation of the bigots and bullies.
“It is easy to say Jeremy is not racist. But there is the sin of omission.”
Ms Prentice accused Mr Corbyn of actively undermining the Remain campaign in the EU referendum despite claiming to be anti-Brexit.
She added: “Never in my life in the party has a leader not been criticised, questioned, asked to justify a position – and rightly so.
“But that’s not allowed under the Corbyn Cult.”
The Labour veteran concluded: “This is no longer the Labour party. You should change its name.”

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A party spokesman said: “It is disappointing that Bridget Prentice has left the party but many claims in her letter are plainly untrue.
“Labour’s bold and popular policies under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership have changed the political conversation in this country and exposed the devastation caused by the Tories’ austerity agenda.”
But a Labour source added: “In reality, Bridget Prentice is aggrieved that she was not renominated as Labour’s rep to the Electoral Commission, as she has made clear in private, while not raising any of the issues mentioned in her letter.”
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