Used Audi TT, 14 nights in New York and a small boat – what you could buy instead of £1,800 Samsung Fold phone

Used Audi TT, 14 nights in New York and a small boat – what you could buy instead of £1,800 Samsung Fold phone

SAMSUNG’S new blower might be a technological marvel, but its ludicrous price tag will make even the wealthiest phone fan wince.
At £1,800, the bendable Galaxy Fold is one of the most expensive handset of all time – so we’ve rounded up some other goodies you could buy for the same price instead.
Samsung The Galaxy Fold wowed audiences when it was unveiled on Wednesday
Samsung It folds down from a tablet into a smartphone-sized gadget
An hour with your favourite soap star
For the price of a Galaxy Fold, you could go on a date with someone off the telly.
The typical soap star charges about £1,500 for a nightclub appearance, but who’s to say you can’t organise a private meetup?
And at that price, you’d even have some cash left to buy them a fancy dinner.
It might have to be a bit-part character though: According to Hollyoaks’ Fab Santino, a big soap star can charge up to £3,000 an hour.
AutoTrader You can buy this Audi TT for a cool £1,795
A used Audi TT
Rather than a fancy new blower, why not splash your cash on a convertible sports car?
You can get hold of a 2002 Audi TT with just 75,000 miles on the clock for less than the price of a Galaxy Fold.
You’ll even have £5 leftover to fill it with a bit of petrol.
While the Samsung has a seemingly magic folding screen, we’re pretty sure it can’t manage 0-60mph in under seven seconds.
Two iPhone XRs
Samsung and Apple fans have been at war for more than a decade, and the Fold had some iPhone fans sniggering.
That’s because you can grab yourself two iPhone XRs for the price of one Galaxy Fold.
In fact, for £1,800, you can grab a pair of the hefty 250GB XRs, which will set you back about £899 each.
For our money, the gadget is up there with the best budget phones that money can buy, and it can never hurt to have a spare lying around.
Alamy Live News A pair of iPhone XRs costs less than a Galaxy Fold
A 14-night holiday in New York for two
If tech’s not your bag, you could always use your Fold money to get away from it all.
You take a friend or loved one on a lengthy holiday in New York for less than the cost of Samsung’s new blower.
A 14-night trip to the Big Apple will cost you both £1,772 total, leaving you a little bit of spending money to grab yourself some dinner when you arrive.
Better still, the cost even includes outbound and return flights.
Alamy The Big Apple You can take someone on a two-week stay in New York for the price of a Galaxy Fold
Your very own motorboat
Scour the web hard enough and you can find yourself a motorboat for just £1,800.
It’s not quite the Mary Rose, but you could swap out a single Fold for this little engine on GumTree.
It even comes with fishing pole holders as well as its own trailer and a spare wheel.
And you may well need them – the buyer will have to pick it up from Northern Ireland.
GumTree This motorboat will cost you £1,800
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Samsung has already been beaten to the punch by the Royole FlexPai, a bona fide folding smartphone seen at the CES 2019 tech show in Las Vegas.
If you want a more conventional smartphone, check out our list of the best Android phones you can buy today.
And if you have no idea what phone to buy, our iPhone vs Android guide may give you a helping start.
What do you think of Samsung’s folding smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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