Use your Easter chocolate leftovers to knock up swanky cocktails this holiday — plus win FREE tickets to LEGOLAND worth £120

Use your Easter chocolate leftovers to knock up swanky cocktails this holiday — plus win FREE tickets to LEGOLAND worth £120

HOUSE choc full with Easter treats? Use your leftovers for fancy drinks.
Here is how to turn your kitchen into a choc-tail bar — it is bank holiday, after all.
Alamy Try out these swanky cocktails – all you need is your Easter chocolate leftovers
EGG-SPRESSO MARTINI: Knock up an Easter alternative to the espresso martini for the ultimate festive tipple.
Mix together one part vodka, one part Baileys and one part chocolate (or coffee) liqueur and combine in a cocktail shaker. If you don’t have liqueur, you can up the Vodka or Baileys, to taste.
Pour into your chosen glass and garnish with crushed-up leftover mini eggs. Yum.
BUN-BELIEVABLE BEVVY: Prefer hot cross buns to chocolate? Wow your Easter guests with a Hot Cross Bun Sour using leftover buns with booze from your cupboard.Boil together 250ml water, 500g sugar and three torn-up hot cross buns. Cool and strain to form a syrup.
Combine one part sherry with two parts amaretto, 25ml lemon juice and 25ml egg whites in a shaker and strain into a glass over ice. Top with your hot cross bun syrup and enjoy.
CUP A LOAD OF THIS: Turn your Easter eggs into cups by chopping off the tops and filling with your favourite tipple.
This also works well for kids’ milkshakes or even as an Easter-themed ice cream bowl. You can also melt the eggs to decorate cakes and brownies.
CREMES GOOD TO ME: Who doesn’t love a Creme Egg? Well, you might have the ingredients for a creme-themed cocktail in your cupboard.
Shake together two tablespoons of condensed milk, a shot of vodka (you can add vanilla essence to this if you wish) and a drop or two of yellow food colouring, and pour over ice.
Shake 250ml milk, half a cup of ice, another shot of vodka and two tablespoons of condensed milk together before straining over the top for a frothy finish.
Garnish each drink with half a Creme Egg, chocolate syrup and a few shavings of chocolate.
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