US media mogul David Pecker faces jail after threatening to expose Jeff Bezos’s penis sexts

US media mogul David Pecker faces jail after threatening to expose Jeff Bezos's penis sexts

MEDIA mogul David Pecker is facing the threat of jail over the Jeff Bezos naked pics scandal.
Prosecutors are probing whether or not Pecker’s National Enquirer violated a court deal by allegedly threatening to release photos of Amazon boss Bezos’s penis.
Reuters Jeff Bezos, 55, has now accused David Pecker’s company of extortion
Reuters Bezos has also accused David Pecker, above, of extortion
Last year the Enquirer’s parent firm American Media Inc (AMI) reached an agreement to avoid criminal charges for paying hush money to an alleged mistress of Donald Trump.
Under the deal AMI could be prosecuted if it commits any crimes within three years. Bezos, 55, has now accused the company of extortion.
Former prosecutor Jeff Tsai said: “If a federal crime is determined to have occurred, then AMI and Mr Pecker have a real problem on their hands.”
Attorney Robert Mintz added: “What this case turns on . . . is whether it amounts to a threat to injure an individual.” Others claimed prosecutors may still not charge AMI or executives for extortion, but use it as reason to go ahead with the hush-money case.
The row began last month when a National Enquirer exposé claimed Bezos was dating TV star Lauren Sanchez while still married to wife  MacKenzie.
Bezos announced his divorce after being told of the story’s pending publication.
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He also launched an investigation into how the Enquirer got hold of cringeworthy sexts and selfies sent by him to Sanchez.
Last week he accused AMI and Pecker of extortion, claiming they threatened to release lewd images if he didn’t stop his investigation.
AMI has said it believes it acted lawfully in its reporting but pledged to investigate Bezos’ allegations.
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