Urban Decay is launching a Game of Thrones themed makeup collection

Urban Decay is launching a Game of Thrones themed makeup collection

(Picture: Urban Decay)Urban Decay has announced that a Game of Thrones makeup collection will be launching in April, to celebrate the premiere of the final season of the show.
The beauty brand took to Instagram and Twitter to share an image of a model wearing a teal and metallic colbalt eyeshadow look with ‘For the Throne’ written across the photo.
Though they haven’t announced an actual launch date for the collection, the first episode of season eight of Game of Thrones will air on 14 April, 2019 – so here’s to hoping it’s around that time.

Urban Decay’s collection follows on from Storybook Cosmetics’ 2017 announcement that they were working on securing a license for their own Game of Thrones-inspired collection – which was never released.
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However, they have teased a dragon-themed collection, though there’s no confirmation as to whether it’s Game of Thrones themed or not.
There is no news as to what Urban Decay will actually be launching in terms of products, but judging by the model’s eye we’re expecting some metallic palettes – and we’re hoping there’s some metallic liquid lipsticks to join them.
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